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Colour: Grey
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This perforated headlining, seating and panel lining vinyl is suitable for your campervan and comes in grey and black colours. As you can see from the picture this material does not have actual punctured holes so this can be used on campervan, van panels without being see through.

If you are using this on van panels then we also have some 3mm thick foam lining with a scrim backing available for the backing to give it a more professional finish.

When gluing this vinyl please use a suitable adhesive which does not react with the plasticisers in the vinyl. Our high temperature adhesive will work well for this, or any other contact adhesive will also be suitable.


  • 1.4m wide roll
  • Order by metre (Eg. for 3 metres order a quantity of 3)
  • 25 metres on a full roll

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