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Designed By Kiravans

This is the stuff that gets us really excited.

Sure, it's very satisfying to see all your orders go out the door each day, but we just love designing new products for your campervan. This new website is all about showcasing what Kiravans has achieved in the last 9 years and preparing for some exciting product launches over the next few months.

The Designed by Kiravans range now includes:

  • Double seat swivels for VW, Vivaro, Transit & Ducato,
  • Electrical control systems, solar panels & regulators,
  • Kids cab bunk, Insulation, lining carpets, adhesives & vibration damping kits,
  • Door storage solutions (our Door Store), awnings, tambour door kits, and more...

We have some exciting new products in the pipeline that, we think, will revolutionise the world of campervan building. Sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to know what we have up our sleeve.

  • Designed By Kiravans
    Barn door awning for Vivaro / Trafic (black)
    Special Price £138.60 £115.50 Regular Retail Price £154.00 £128.33
  • Designed By Kiravans
  • Designed By Kiravans
    Kiravans Railsail
    Special Price £188.10 £156.75 Regular Retail Price £209.00 £174.17