VW T5 T6 Single Seat Rear Trim

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This is a tidy little plastic cover to go on the back of your seat base - drivers or passenger side, UK or EU model vans.

simply put one side of the velcro on your metal seat base, the other side on the trim panel and stick it in place. The indent in the middle is big enough for CBE components to fit into and the outlets from our heater fits nicely too!

'I have just tried out the one you sent me. It works a treat, looks great and is simple to mount with the velcro strips. Top marks!'


  • OEM Quality: Pinseal black to fit with the rest of the van plastic trim
  • Easy to fit: DIY friendly installation with supplied specialist Velcro fixing
  • Precise: CNC cut to fit driver and passenger seats, left or right hand drive
  • Compatibility: Fits all T5, T6 & T6.1 single seats

Why did we make this Kiravans Single Seat Trim?

Typically vans come with either no trim (which looks a bit rubbish), or an oversized piece of plastic that wraps up over the top of the OEM seat base (which causes problems when fitting a seat swivel). We've been working with customers, building high quality campervans on the VW Transporter for years and this has always been one of those niggly fiddles that is just a bit of a pain to get right!

The options were always to either cut the oversized trim plastic down to size, or replace it with a piece of plywood. Then folks would either trim the cover with lining carpet or leave it as raw wood with a routered edge and knock on edge trim. Either way it tends to look a bit heath-robinson-ish. Se we figured it was time to turn our attention to making a proper trim panel for the job.

We wanted a simple-to-install panel that would be securely attached but equally can be removed if necessary, hence the use of some specialist super thin, super sticky velcro. Over the years it's inevitable that the adhesive on the back of the velcro will weaken but it should last a good long time and then it's just a case of using some glue or replacing the sticky stuff.

Conversations with a number of converters highlighted the need for a space on the panel appropriate for attaching electrical components such as control panels and CBE accessories. Others like to put heater outputs through the middle of the trim, so we have sized the central indent on the panel accordingly.

Yup, it's only a small piece of vacuum formed plastic, but for campervan builders it's another problem solved.

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VW T5/T6 Single Seat Rear Trim

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