Kiravans 4-step Campervan Lining System - FREE SAMPLE PACK

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William Davies
Campervan lining

My sample arrived promptly and the products gave me a good few options to choose from when i get to that stage of my van build. Thank you.

Edward Burgoyne

Kiravans 4-step Campervan Lining System - FREE SAMPLE PACK

Colette Willoughby
Lining system

The sample pack is a great way to see which materials will work best when working out how to line your van

Ivan Sargeant

Kiravans 4-step Campervan Lining System - FREE SAMPLE PACK


We recommend the 4-step lining system to achieve ultimate warmth and comfort in your campervan conversion. This sample pack contains a piece of each material used in the system, so you can get a feel for the products before making a decision.


  • Sound Blocker 2mm sound deadening mat
  • Thermo-acoustic self adhesive insulation foam
  • Thermal fill 35mm insulation 
  • 4-way stretch carpets (Anthracite, Silver, Smoke, Graphite. Blue, Wheat, Stone) 
  • 1 Extra sample of loose carpet - to get a feel for the stuff!

Tell me more about the 4 steps involved...

Below is an outline of our recommended 4-step campervan lining process. (For each of these lining stages we provide full fitting videos on the individual product pages to guide you through the fitting.)


Step 1: SOUND BLOCKER (Reduces Vibrations)

Sound Blocker is a 2mm thick, self adhesive, sound-deadening mat. It reduces vibration and resonance in the large, flat metal panels of your van’s side walls. Sound Blocker ‘deadens’ the panels and gets rid of the ‘tinny’ road noise in the back of your van as you drive along. 

Step 2: THERMO-ACOUSTIC FOAM (Thermal & Sound Insulation)

Thermo-acoustic foam has both sound-proofing and thermal insulation properties to make your van quieter and warmer and it can be applied to van walls, roofs and floors in either a single layer or multiple layers, where space allows. It provides an amazing amount of acoustic insulation - you'll hear the difference the first time you drive after installing the thermo acoustic van insulation.

Step 3: THERMAL FILL INSULATION  (The duvet layer!)

Thermal Fill Insulation is what we like to describe as the 'puffa jacket' layer or the duvet layer. It's extremely versatile, lightweight, easy and clean to work with, and does a fantastic job of trapping air and ultimately producing a high level of insulation. 


The final step. A pliable lining carpet with a 4-way stretch allowing you to mould it around all the tricky areas such as the wheel arch and windows of your camper with the most ease. It is the stretchiest and easiest to use lining we offer at Kiravans and also our most popular.

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