Kiravans RedBed - Childrens Campervan Bunk Bed for the VW T5/T6

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Great design

A very well made and designed product which I'm sure will give many years of good service. Very easy to use and I'm suer the grandkids will love it

Great idea, poorly executed

Great idea

Very cheaply made and executed

£152 is a complete rip off

I thought id received the wrong product when it was delivered, I can’t believe the amount they are charging for it.

Thanks for the review Mark. Sorry the product wasn't to your liking. I have tried contacting you and have offered to collect it at our expense and give you a full refund, but I have not received a response. Maybe you changed you mind? The offer still stands.


Perfect for our 4 year old who was comfortable and safe for a week away sleeping in this. Lovely padded base, good quality (water resistant) outer and super easy to put up/take down. Loved everything about this and wholeheartedly worth the price

Red Bed

Just back from Cornwall with our 15 month old grandson, we have a T5 with front swivel bench. The red-bed worked really well for us especially with the bench seat pushed well back to the dash and the window shades fitted. The boy slept really well which gave us some quality time before we turned in. An added bonus was the day stowage space that the bed provided. With just is two adults we found the bed was great for dropping bags, coats etc without the worry of them falling out. Overall, I believe that there is a good relationship between cost, usefulness and quality, this product is good value adding to the holiday experience.

perfect solution

worked great for our 2 year old - well made, nicely thought out, quick delivery.

Worth it for us

It's not cheap, but the quality is spot on. Currently houses a five-year-old, and we tend to leave the seats facing forwards (we have a double swivel but find it fits better like that). Two minutes to fit, packs down even faster. Happy with it, as we are with all the stuff we've bought from Kiravans.


The Kiravans RedBed is a simple and innovative solution for children to sleep comfortably across the front seats in your VW T5/T6 campervan. This campervan bed includes a 32mm thick foam insert and is constructed from waterproof nylon so it can easily be wiped clean. It also has a removable cover so it can be washed at a cool temperature if needed.

The RedBed measures 4ft 8in long and is designed for use with a double passengers seat. It will work with the double seat facing forwards or rotated to face the rear (we think rotated to the rear works best).

When not in use the RedBed will fold up neatly into its own bag that you can store behind the driver seat, or wherever suits you best keeping your van nice and tidy.


  • 32mm Foam mattress insert (142cm Length x 41cm Width)
  • Waterproof nylon construction for easy cleaning
  • Removable cover washable at cool temperature
  • Straps & hooks to hold up the 'lee cloths' (the fabric sides that stop your kids from falling on the floor)
  • Hooks attach to door plastic trim (where the seatbelts go down a slot) and to the corner of the sun visor arms
  • Colour: Red, because our kids thought it was the coolest colour


    • Compatible with the VW T5/T6
    • Only suitable for use with a double passengers seat


    1. Rotate seats (Either just the double or both double & driver)
    2. Adjust height of driver's seat to bring it as close as possible to the height of the passenger seat
    3. Give the seats a bit of a jiggle if they're not both facing the same way... so that you get the widest possible bed in the middle and the least gap between the seats (you'll see what we mean when you do it!)
    4. Lay out the Red Bed with elasticated hooks attaching to the top of the seatbelt tunnel in your door pillar trim
    5. Hook the longer straps to the outside corners of your sun visor fixings.
    6. Add a pillow, sleeping bag and nipper!

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