Kiravans VW T5/T6 Double Passenger Swivel + Floor & Carpet + RIB Single Driver Seat Swivel Bundle

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Darran Abraham
T6 swivel seat bundle.

Very helpful staff. Prompt delivery. Excellent product. Excellent all round service.

Mark Burton
A tale of 2 seat bases

The passenger seat base is a quality but of kit that spins around easily and bolts to the floor with ease and feels safe as the original base.
The driver swivel base is another story, whilst the base itself feels solid and well built when it comes to fitting it there are some concerns, the front bolts only have about 2 turns of thread into the brackets which is not ideal. Turning the seat is a real faff and when you’re driving the seat now rocks on the swivel unit. I think I will be removing this and just settle for the double seat swiveling.

Thanks for the review Mark. Sorry to hear that you received a faulty swivel. The offer to return it for a refund or to replace it still stands if you want to take us up on it.

Byron Jackson
Swivel seat bundle.

What a pain in the arse this is. Fitting is not a problem but trying to actually swivel the double passenger seat and driver seat is an absolute pain in the behind. Yes it works. Yes it’s fitted correctly but bear in mind in the videos they do NOT show full assembly. Personally I wouldn’t waist the money. Get two captain seats instead.


This bundle includes:

  • Kiravans T5/T6 Double Passenger Seat Swivel (Right Hand Drive)
  • Solid Floor Base & Carpet (for inside the double seat box)
  • RIB T5/T6 Single Driver Seat Swivel (Right Hand Drive)

Kiravans Double Passenger Seat Swivel VW T5/T6

One of our finest products! It gives us a warm glow hearing all your stories about how the Kiravans T5 / T6 Double Swivel transforms the living space in your van without losing all the benefits of the bench seat up front.

The swivel mechanism is very different to normal single swivels. It uses a cunning slide and swivel approach so you will need to open the side door to allow the full range of movement. The seat is held securely in position while driving by 4 x specially engineered locking bolts.

The product is fully tested and we decided to protect the design (UK & EU Registered Design No. 002115790-0001) and only sell through our own website to ensure safety and quality standards are maintained.


Our double seat swivel has passed all the requirements of TUV Deutschland. This involved 'in-vehicle' pull testing and a SLED test over the water in Germany. The TUV certificate can be downloaded below. In the UK it has passed seat belt anchorage safety tests conducted by STATUS (The Specialist Testing Facility at Manchester Met Uni) using a pull test on a specialist test rig to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC. We are also an ISO 9001 approved company which ensures that these swivels are manufactured in a similarly approved facility.

Features & Specification

  • Full TUV Safety Approval
  • Self-levelling design to counteract sloping cab floor, making rotated seat actually comfortable to sit on!
  • High density, low friction 'glide layer' for ease of rotation
  • External locking screws with optional solid floor plate & carpet so you can keep all that useful under-seat storage
  • Rear floor height: clearance for floors up to 20mm thick
  • Height increase of front seat: 47mm
  • Total weight: 21Kg
  • All nuts and bolts supplied


  • All T5 / T6 vans including the new 'facelift' models
  • Designed for original seats
  • Compatible with the RIB single central driver's seat swivel
  • Not compatible with heated passenger seats or built-in passenger airbags (due to cable connections)

Solid Base Plate Floor & Carpet - for Inside the T5/T6 Double Seat Box

When you fit your double seat swivel (in a T5/T6) you'll note that the swivelling mechanism is visible inside your seat base, with a nut sticking up and a couple of places that small things could get trapped. This product is simply a thin sheet of galvanised steel cut to fit on top of the swivel and a perfectly cut piece of black carpet to go on top of the steel.

How to fit:

  • Simply install the double swivel as normal
  • Place the tin sheet on top, then finally fix the seat on top and bolt it down
  • (The tin sheet will now be sandwiched between the seat and swivel system
  • Finally, pop the carpet into the seat base...
  • Hey presto, no gaps, nowhere for things to get trapped, and (thanks to the carpet liner) fewer rattles in your van.

RIB Single Driver (Central) Seat Swivel 

Manufactured in France by Scopema, the RIB swivel plate for campervans gets lots of praise on the various forums. In our own experience, we have found these seat swivels to be very robust and rattle-free.

To rotate the seat, the engine must be turned off, vehicle put in gear and the handbrake released temporarily. Once the seat is facing the rear re-engage handbrake. For seats fitted with up/down height adjustment, you will find that you probably need to pump up the seat height to allow the seat to rotate without the grey plastic trim around the base catching on anything. T5 only - If you have a plastic handbrake cover then you may have to remove it and replace with our fabric slip-on cover.

Notes on fitting:

Please note on some vans it appears that the plastic handbrake covering rubs on the swivel and may need to be removed.

Features & Specification

  • Swivel plate fits between the base and seat slider rails on normal seats
  • Automatically locks in place facing forward for driving
  • Pivot point is centrally located in the base
  • European TUV safety approval
  • Seat height increase: Approx 43mm


  • Compatible with the VW T5 / T6 & Caravelle
  • Compatible with the Kiravans T5/T6 Double Swivel, airbags & heated seats (wires can pass through the centre)


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