Kiravans Sound Blocker 2mm Sound Deadening / Soundproofing Insulation Mat - Reduces Noise & Vibrations

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Ian McGuigan
Sound Blocker

Didn’t want my new van to have the same booming panel noise as the last one. Put some of this sound blocker on and was amazed at the difference. Would highly recommend.

Raymond Kenneth Baynton
sounder blocker

nice bit of kit and easy to install

Reynaldo Palacio
Great stuff

Great stuff

Paul Donoghue
Great product, great service

In the middle of 2 weeks away, with only the sound deadening in place. It has made a massive difference to the tone and volume in the van. Can’t wait to get the next layers of insulation in!


This is the Kiravans version of the popular campervan soundproofing products offered by brands like Dynamat, Silent Coat and Noisekiller to reduce noise and vibration.

Sound blocker is the first step in Kiravans 4-step lining system for ultimate warmth and comfort in your campervan.

1.  Sound Blocker
2. Thermo-Acoustic Foam
3. Thermal Fill Insulation
4. Stretch Lining Carpet 

Sound Blocker is a 2mm thick, self adhesive, sound-deadening mat. It reduces vibration and resonance in the large, flat metal panels of your van’s side walls. Sound Blocker ‘deadens’ the panels and gets rid of the ‘tinny’ road noise in the back of your van as you drive along


  • Self adhesive 2mm butyl rubber, active deadening layer
  • Reflective 0.1mm aluminium inner constraining layer
  • Highly efficient vibration damper
  • Advanced adhesion, even in high temperatures
  • Does not contain any bitumen
  • Non flammable
  • Cuts easily with a utility knife
  • 460mm x 400mm sheet size

Common Questions

How much do I need?

Sound blocker will mostly benefit large flat panels with no folds or creases in them. It will not add much benefit to campervan floors, roofs or wheel arches as these all have ridges in them already to deaden any road vibration sound.

The 80/20 rule applies here, you get diminishing returns once you start applying the mat to areas beyond the flat panels. This stuff is heavy and additional weight in your van means extra fuel, more brake wear and reduced handling.

  • We recommend 10 pieces for a standard short wheel base panel van with a couple of windows in the back.
  • Kiravans DoorStore: There is space for 2 sheets behind it in the sliding door.

    Will it fit behind a door store?

    Yes. It is very easy to apply and does not obstruct the Door Store. Sound Blocker behind the Door Store will really help reduce the noise from the sliding door. Two sheets are sufficient to line the large panels of a sliding door behind Kiravans Door Store. 

    Tips for Door Store:

    • Cut and apply such that it only sticks to the flat areas of the van door.
    • Do not apply to the brackets or any raised pieces of metal as this will prevent the Door Store fitting properly.
    • Ensure that the cable in the top void is not trapped under the Sound Blocker - leave it free to move.

      Is this the same as other vibration damping material on the market?

      Yes, it does exactly the same job but we haven't spent extra money on fancy branding and packaging in order to save you money. Our Sound Blocker will simply be delivered with the usual speed and quality of service you'd expect from Kiravans but in a plain brown cardboard box. 

      In a ‘like for like’ test with 3 other leading vehicle sound proofing products, Kiravans Sound Blocker is comparable in terms of thickness, density and adhesion. In some cases it has slightly greater mass, giving improved ‘sound deadening’ qualities.

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