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4 Way Stretch Material.

Kit installed without issue. Does exactly as vendor describes. Best to unpack on receipt or folds in material may cause problems if left packaged for any length of time.

Nigel Collins
Great 4 way stretch carpet you can trust.

This is my second campervan conversion. Used the Carpet from Kiravans last time and will continue to use it, makes forming round the windows & pillars a job anyone could do and look professional. Needed to buy a few more cans of carpet spray though, but that's down to how you use it.
Once you receive your delivery, open the parcel and straighten out the carpet, leave for a few hours and no issues what so ever - As the carpet is designed to stretch any creases will iron out once used.

Lee davies
Carpet lining bundle

This is a great product, good quality, and easy to use, more than enough glue supplied, wasn’t like I needed to go back and get a load more.
delivery was very quick and efficient, well packed, highly recommended for all your interior van needs.
Will definitely be using them again in the future

Emma Hutchison
Great product. Just a shame about how it was packaged

The carpet was bent in half to get it in the box so some of it was stretched and couldn’t be used. It was just too bumpy. Thankfully we ordered too much so we had enough.
The carpet itself was great. Good quality. Used a lot of glue because it’s very thick. But all round a great result using this carpet.


Thanks for your review, but sorry for your experience. We have tried many packaging methods but we find that this one usually works as long as the carpet doesn't sit in the box too long. In most cases any creases usually brush out because the material is so stretchy. If it didn't happen this way for you then please contact our team (help@kiravans.co.uk) and we should be able to help you in some way. We don't like to leave our customers disappointed.

Paul Barker
Carpet lining bundle

This is by far the best way to purchase all you need to do a professional job of lining your van. Kiravans really know what they are doing so when you get a kit like this from them you know it will do the job. Great guidance from the you tube clips, a quality product, delivered quickly and well packaged. I considered getting everything from random suppliers on Amazon or similar, but I’m really glad I used Kiravans, I feel like they are there to help if I need it. I’ll definitely use them again for other projects on my van, they’re excellent.

Perfect Finish

Amazed at how much you can work the four way stretch around the compound curves just take it easy and work slowly. Had to cut and join in a couple of spots but they barely show.
The plastic tools were invaluable for removing the panel clips and also for pushing the edges of the carpet into place, behind window trims etc.
I though 12 cans of adhesive would be excessive but used all 12 in the end to complete the job, panelling and even re cover the cab headlining.


This bundle includes everything you need to line your van (including headlining) and is available for short & long wheel base vans. See the list of included items and quantities below.

Please watch the video before ordering and if you are planning to out-source the lining job, it's a good idea to confirm with your fitter how much carpet they require. 

Colours can vary slightly between rolls, so be sure to order enough in one go, rather than adding extra at a later date. This will ensure you get one complete cut from the same roll.


Our 4-way stretch carpet lining is the easiest campervan lining to work with and it's perfect for DIY conversions. It has always been our most popular carpet lining as it is pliable and stretchy allowing you to work around all the tricky corners and curves of your van such as the wheel arch and windows with the most ease.

Some professionals prefer 'Veltrim' as it is thicker and more 'dense' but it does not stretch. This means that you have to cut pieces to fill curved gaps and to work around the wheel arches. It's all just a bit more hassle matching pieces up for a marginally better finish - and you could end up making it look worse if not done well!

Product Specification

  • Roll width: 2 metres
  • Thickness: Approx 3-4mm
  • Material: 100% polypropylene fibre
  • Weight: 370gms./sq.m. + 5%
  • Carpet safety: Flame retardancy tested to FMVSS302

Short Wheel Base Includes

  • 10 metres x 4 way stretch carpet lining
  • 12 cans x High-temperature adhesive
  • 1 x Trim tool kit

Long Wheel Base Includes

  • 15 metres x 4 way stretch carpet lining
  • 18 cans x High-temperature adhesive
  • 1 x Trim tool kit

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