RIB Mercedes Vito/Viano W447 (2015+) / Mercedes Sprinter M907 (2019+) Single Seat Swivel - Offset Passenger (Right Hand Drive)

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Paul Eaglestone
Mercedes’ Vito

Very happy with the swivel bases easy to fit and very well made

Colin Logan
Easy fit in 2021 Mercedes Vito crew van

These swivels are very well made of 5mm steel plate. They are heavy but integrate well into the Vito. Mine came without instructions but contacting Kiravans quickly resolved this. The instructions show that you should remove a 'stud' which points downwards from the seat rail. It is actually an un-threaded locating pin. I actually ground mine down slightly to stop it scratching the top of the swivel plate. My van has heated seats and electric lumbar support, which means that there are 2 electrical multi-plugs below the seat. these have to be disconnected and I found that one also had to be released from a trim clip holding it in place. If not the cable would be too short when the seat was swivelled. It is a very simple job, the only difficulty being the weight of the seat and the swivel plate. Once fitted the seat has to be moved to a forward position with the seat back fairly upright before it can be swivelled. I didn't disconnect the battery and no warning lights or faults have shown up since. These swivels seem to be some of the very few off the shelf parts available for Mercedes Vito conversions. Hope to see more soon!

Rob Stuart
Perfect fit in W447 Crew van.

These Scopema RIB seats fit perfectly in W447 Crew van. I'm not sure why the Kiravans description is a little outdated (eg the parking brake is foot operated etc), but these do not require any modification to fit. Also, these swivels now have TUV approval which adds a little extra piece of mind.
Other bits of info: The seat feels solid with no discernible movement in the fixed forward position. You can rotate the seat with the passenger door closed. You can release the factory fitted Torx screws with a 10mm socket bit.
All in, a great product. Just remember to disconnect the battery before fitting!


Excellent fit, all holes lined up bang-on. no noticeable movement in it at all. Fitted both in under two hours and most of that was fiddling with the seat belt wiring.


Manufactured in France by Scopema, the RIB swivel plate for campervans gets lots of praise on the various forums. In our own experience, we have found these seat swivels to be very robust and rattle-free.

The offset feature of this particular swivel means that the pivot point is offset from the centre by a few centimetres towards the handbrake side of their seat. This means that the seat finishes up facing backwards a bit further from the door. The main advantage is that seats with armrests will spin around more easily. If you have a double seat swivel on the passenger side you should choose the non-offset version, otherwise, there won't be enough room for both seats to swivel backwards.

To rotate the seat, the engine must be turned off, vehicle put in gear and the handbrake released temporarily. Once the seat is facing the rear re-engage handbrake. For seats fitted with up/down height adjustment, you will find that you probably need to pump up the seat height to allow the seat to rotate without the grey plastic trim around the base catching on anything.


  • Swivel plate fits between the base and seat slider rails on normal seats
  • Automatically locks in place facing forward for driving
  • Pivot point is located offset from the centre
  • European TUV safety approval


  • Compatible with Mercedes Vito/Viano W447 (2015+) / Mercedes Sprinter M907 (2019+)
  • Compatible with heated seats & airbags (wires can pass through the centre)
  • Not compatible with the Dualiner van.
  • Not compatible with through-loading seats as they don't allow the swivel to sit flat.

Product Specification

  • Seat height increase: Approx 23mm
  • Safety: European TUV safety approval


  • Swivel plate
  • Bolts to fit standard seat boxes

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