RIB Ford Transit Custom V362 (2013+) / Ford Transit V363 (2014+) Single Seat Swivel - Driver (Right Hand Drive)

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Tourneo Custom fitting

Was a bit fiddly working out the best way to do this. Some tips below... The product is solid and I didn't end up using the handbrake lowering plate supplied, using existing mounting bolts and hole....

1/ You will need to lift the two batteries out. I didn't need to disconnect, but did need to snip off the retaining zip ties to get enough play on the wiring loom. I used a spare box to hold the batteries up and on their side, whilst I did two jobs:
a) removing the battery tray and cutting out the mounts. Used a multi tool, then a wood chisel to smooth. This gets the batteries low enough.
b) get to the nuts holding on the handbrake brackets - and then refit.
2/ The plate holding the plastic shroud for the handbrake needed to be cut to get across the brake cable. Once removed, I trimmed down the plastic by 7cm, profiled to the bottom, to get a good looking cover.
3/ I didn't use the lowering bracket. Instead I used a bolt that was holding the plastic shroud for one handbrake mount, and the open hole where the electrical cable runs through for the second bolt; making a backing plate to bridge the large gap, with a hole acting as a large washer. I also cut a slot for the electrical wire.
4/. It is probably worth noting that I ended up having to cut off the top nut on the handbrake mount, as it was panted in place and wouldn't shift.

Definitely a more fiddly job than the passenger swivel, but well worth the effort.

Mark Bickford
Easy Fit and Quick Delivery

Ordered front drivers swivel on Monday, delivered Wednesday. I was a little apprehensive about fitting this after reading some comments online. Couldn't have been made any easier. All fittings lined up nicely, no messing with the battery's, they stayed in place, a little cutting to some trim, took me approx 3 hours, as will all things, I could probably do another in 1.5 hrs. Works a treat and nice and stable. Thanks Guys for a great service

John Turner
Robust and well made

The driver swivel plate was fitted to our Ford Transit H3 L4 2016 Mk8 minibus over the weekend without any real issues and handbrake lowering kit was fairly straight forward.

Because our minibus had 2 batteries fitted by Ford under the drivers seat there are 2 options I guess to fitting the swivel plate. First was the one mentioned by one of your customers regarding lowering the battery(s). Ideally I did not want to remove the plastic box that contains the 2 batteries because as far as I can see holds the batteries fairly secure, will contain any spillage if batteries become damged and allow ventng beneath the minibus. The workshop manual shows vent pipes connected to the batteries and this pipe terminating in the bottom of the battery box, although ours did not have any vent pipes installed from the battery vent holes.

My approach was to cut two lengths of flat steel bar 10mm thick x 30mm wide x approx 475mm long. Drill one 10mm hole in the front of each bar to drop over the original seat locating pegs and then a further two 11mm holes (allow for clearance of swivel plate bolts) in each bar for the swivel plate mounting. This in effect lifted the plate an addtional 10mm which then cleared the battery box and its cover. Using the spacer bar meant 4 longer countersunk screws had to be used instead of the ones in the kit so I fitted A2 grade stainless steel bolts for these.

The only negative was the red plastic cover on swivel lever keeps coming off as it catches.

Solid Kit, Awkward Install for Factory Inverter Option.

This install can be problematic if you have a similar setup to me, but you can still get it to work.. My Transit the larger Mk8 with all the bells & whistles one being the factory power inverter, dual battery setup and heated seats. The inverter sits right underneath the back of the handbrake lever and cannot be re-fitted if you install this kit so bare that in mind.
You have to remove both batteries and cable unit to gain access to the handbrake bolts. I had to grind off two fixed protruding bolts on the seat base near the rear and also 2 of the spot welded bolts on the handbrake bracket. I used an angle grinder put towels everywhere for sparks!
I was able to push the handbrake and attached cable down far enough without having to adjust the cable at the rear of van, so the bolt holes lined up good for the seat base..
The rear 2/3rds of the 'Wavey Plate' had to be cut in half to accommodate the lower handbrake and new bracket.
The handbrake trim I have is the one for the factory inverter you can keep the front socket for aesthetics but ditch the plugs behind, the trim can be halved in height but you will still need to trim off about another half inch with a Dremel or oscillator then wrap in 4-way stretch to mask any imperfections.
Another issue is the heated seat cable, yes there is a centre hole but there is zero legroom above the battery cover so its semi crushed but still works, I'll re-route it somehow in the future.
Good solid kit once installed, overall pleased.

Simon Mc
Good product/kit

I have installed this swivel over the weekend on a Mk8 Transit 2017 with fixed double passenger seat. The kit is very good quality and wont wobble like others I have seen.

Installation of the swivel is easy simple remove your current seat and trim the top of the battery box molds and it fits on "just". But in my case the handbrake lowering was a pain down to fords eager spot welds. I suggest you have either a sharp hacksaw or grinder/cutting tool for this. (mostly problematic due to access). To do this you need to remove battery and box for access to the bolts/studs. I also had to hacksaw one welded nut off to remove the handbrake assembly (slacken handbrake underneath at back of van to get cable off). Took it to the shed and simply ground off 2 further studs off the handbrake assembly and refitted using template. All the bolts in the kit fit perfectly and holes line up which is a big help!

Even with the double passenger seat it rotates just a bit more fiddly and the lowered handbrake works fine as well.


Installed this today and never have done one before, was straight forward and took about 90 mins in total, seat works perfect, I never had to drill anything only had to grind 2 studs off which took seconds, the handbrake gater cage thing had to be cut to get the cable out but its about 10mm cut again seconds to do, don't be put off this is not a hard install at all and we'll worth the effort, also after fitting I manged to get it to swivel with double passenger seat in forward position with a bit wiggling and moving seat back and forward, don't forget to raise seat before turning, also I never had to cut anything on seat to clear the trims as someone suggested?


Manufactured in France by Scopema, the RIB swivel plate for campervans gets lots of praise on the various forums. In our own experience, we have found these seat swivels to be very robust and rattle-free.

To rotate the seat, the engine must be turned off, vehicle put in gear and the handbrake released temporarily. Once the seat is facing the rear re-engage handbrake. For seats fitted with up/down height adjustment, you will find that you probably need to pump up the seat height to allow the seat to rotate without the grey plastic trim around the base catching on anything.

Notes on fitting:

This swivel fits between the sliders (the rear external corners of the slider rails can be cut to avoid any damage to the plastic door trim while rotating the seat if necessary) and original seat base. RIB advises that a handbrake modification is required (included) and that the battery will need to be relocated.*

It's worth noting that when fitting the handbrake mod bracket, some vans may have the original bolts welded in place. If yours does, they will need to be cut and drilled out. In order to fit, the metal bracket assembly that the handbrake gaiter fits onto on the floor must also be removed. As the handbrake cable goes through a hole in this, the bracket must be cut (or the brake cable detached).


  • Swivel plate fits between the base and seat slider rails on normal seats
  • Automatically locks in place facing forward for driving
  • Pivot point is centrally located in the base
  • European TUV safety approval


  • Compatible with the Transit Custom V362 (2013+) / Transit V363 (2014+)
  • Compatible with the Tourneo Custom
  • Compatible with heated seats & airbags
  • Compatible with a double passenger fixed seat

Product Specification

  • Seat height increase: Approx 43mm
  • Safety: European TUV safety approval


  • Swivel plate
  • Handbrake modification
  • Bolts to fit standard seat boxes

*Jan 2020 - We have recently been informed from one of our customers that the battery does not have to be moved, but can simply be lowered a little. Although we haven't tried this ourselves, we thought it was worth mentioning... The battery sits in a plastic box on square plastic blocks. We have been told that cutting the square blocks off means the battery can be lowered about an inch, which is sufficient to fit the swivel over the top of it. (If you do decide to try this option, we'd love to know how well it works so we can pass the information on).

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