RIB Ford Transit Custom 2013+ Single Seat Swivel - Driver (Right Hand Drive)

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Well made, smooth operation

Fitting the spinner is easy. The kit includes the handbrake lowering bracket. Easy to fit but time consuming to remake/adjust the handbrake cover bracket and plastic cover. Looks good now fitted.

Matt Dodsley
Brilliant seat swivel but lowering the handbrake is a bit tricky.

No instructions with the kit. Some instructions on Kiravan's website, which are partly in French! So, I read other peoples reviews and watched Kiravans' generic videos.
Fitting the swivel itself was fairly easy. I didn't need to lower the battery. Just needed to trim some of the plastic battery box lid.
I did need to remove the battery to lower the handbrake, though.
In the end, I did something similar to Simon in a previous review. I didn't use the lowering bracket. Removed the handbrake trims, brake cable, and took out the handbrake. Threw away the frame that used to support the handbrake trim. With the handbrake out of the van, I ground off the lower stud and the captive nut from the top rear fixing. One of the redundant studs from the removed handbrake trim bracket lined up with the top-rear hole in the handbrake. I made a large washer for the top front stud which fits through a large hole in the side of the seat frame.
In use, the seat is solid when in the forward position.
To swivel the seat, I need to pump the seat height right up and incline the seat-back as far forwards as it will go. Then adjust the steering wheel forwards. When pulling the red lever, the seat needs a good shove to start swivelling. With the fixed double passenger seat, I need to shuffle the slider back and forth a bit while rotating, so that the seat misses the steering wheel, passenger seat and door pillar. Then lower and recline the seat when facing the rear.
I did trim a bit from the rear ends of the seat runners, as they were just rubbing the door pocket, but in reality it's easier to swivel with the drivers door open, so that I can access the red lever and the seat slide release lever.
The end result was worth all the effort, though. It's great to have use of that seat when we're in the rear of the campervan.
I might trim an inch or so from the bottom of the plastic seat trim, so that I don't need to pump up the seat so much.
One thing to remember is that the seat & swivel frame will need to be removed, if I ever need to get access to the battery connections.
So, the seat is now about 30mm higher, the handbrake is about 70mm lower, and I need to make my left arm 100mm longer!

Dsryl Bull


Becky Barnfield
Handbrake requires extensive alterations - think before you buy to save disappointment.

Installation is too invasive for me to keep unfortunately. The swivel seat bracket is well made, heavy and if anything like the passenger seat would have been a huge addition to my van. However due to the van being brand new straight off the factory floor I wasn’t prepared to cut bolts off the handbrake mount and cut sections of the handbrake trim in order to fit it. This whole operation would have hacked about the van too much and invalidated my warranty with Ford. If the van were older I wouldn’t have minded so much.
However the team were happy to have it returned for a full refund and they made the whole process easy and stress free. Hope this review helps others if you’re thinking of installing into a new van


Manufactured in France by Scopema, the RIB swivel plate for campervans gets lots of praise on the various forums. In our own experience, we have found these seat swivels to be very robust and rattle-free.

To rotate the seat, the engine must be turned off, vehicle put in gear and the handbrake released temporarily. Once the seat is facing the rear re-engage handbrake. For seats fitted with up/down height adjustment, you will find that you probably need to pump up the seat height to allow the seat to rotate without the grey plastic trim around the base catching on anything.

Notes on fitting:

This swivel fits between the sliders (the rear external corners of the slider rails can be cut to avoid any damage to the plastic door trim while rotating the seat if necessary) and original seat base. RIB advises that a handbrake modification is required (included) and that the battery will need to be relocated.*

It's worth noting that when fitting the handbrake mod bracket, some vans may have the original bolts welded in place. If yours does, they will need to be cut and drilled out. In order to fit, the metal bracket assembly that the handbrake gaiter fits onto on the floor must also be removed. As the handbrake cable goes through a hole in this, the bracket must be cut (or the brake cable detached).


  • Swivel plate fits between the base and seat slider rails on normal seats
  • Automatically locks in place facing forward for driving
  • Pivot point is centrally located in the base
  • European TUV safety approval


  • Compatible with the Ford Transit Custom 2013+ / Ford Transit 2014+ (4th Gen Mk8)
  • Compatible with the Tourneo Custom
  • Compatible with heated seats & airbags
  • Compatible with a double passenger fixed seat

Product Specification

  • Seat height increase: Approx 23mm
  • Safety: European TUV safety approval


  • Swivel plate
  • Handbrake modification
  • Bolts to fit standard seat boxes


*Jan 2020 - We have recently been informed from one of our customers that the battery does not have to be moved, but can simply be lowered a little. Although we haven't tried this ourselves, we thought it was worth mentioning... The battery sits in a plastic box on square plastic blocks. We have been told that cutting the square blocks off means the battery can be lowered about an inch, which is sufficient to fit the swivel over the top of it. (If you do decide to try this option, we'd love to know how well it works so we can pass the information on).


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