Don’t Head South.. Here Are The Best Campervan Heater Solutions

Good campervan heating can make a huge difference to family comfort when you’re away.  It will give you a more relaxed and comfortable experience whilst you’re travelling and will mean you can visit colder climates throughout the year if you choose to do so.  

There are more traditional methods to keeping warm such as wearing layers of clothes….sleeping with a hot water bottle and drinking lots of warm drinks and soup….but... our plan is to get your campervan as snug as a bug in no time at all!  We’ve got a great campervan diesel heater installation video for you to watch below...but first let’s talk about campervan insulation and heating solutions.

First of all, when you’re thinking of how to retain heat in your campervan then don’t forget the basics of lining your van with thermal insulation foam and then a good quality lining carpet or vinyl covering. Proper insulation is the key to retaining heat in your van… get this right at the start of your conversion by making sure you properly insulate walls, floors and windows….and then you’re on your way to a warm and cosy campervan.

Once this is sorted, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many ways to heat your campervan such as electric heaters, propane heaters or diesel heaters. Here’s a quick round up of the different heater types for you to consider.

Electric Campervan Heater

An electric campervan heater is lightweight, emits no odour, offers constant heat, no CO2 emissions, are inexpensive and the heat source is adjustable making it a comfortable solution for a camper.  The only downside is that electric heaters need a large amount of energy to run them so an electric hookup is essential.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters can be a good, cost effective solution because they are inexpensive to run, easy to use and come in a variety of sizes to suit your van size and needs. If you’re considering one of these heaters, you’ll also need to fit a carbon monoxide detector to be on the safe side! The main downside to be aware of: Butane turns to liquid when it gets cold… so Butane powered gas heaters are a bit limiting. Best to use Propane in the winter months. Also, just bear in mind that you’ll burn through a lot of gas - which needs to be stored and is not cheap. You’ll obviously want to carry a spare gas bottle with you to be safe.

Diesel Heater for Vans

A good diesel heater could possibly be the best solution for your campervan conversion and will keep condensation down in your van. Yes, they are a bit more challenging to install, but once it is fitted, it will offer you the most comfortable heating source and require very little fuel.  You may pay a little bit more for the heating system in the start, but once it is fitted, it is one of the most efficient and cheapest solutions to run after installation. 

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic heating system for your camper conversion, then take a look at the MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater. It’s currently the only heater we sell because it doesn’t compromise on value or efficiency and we can highly recommend our opinion it is the best diesel heater for a van you’ll need.

We have been supplied hundreds of these over the years and can count on one hand the number that have had any problems at all - they are incredibly reliable.

And to make it easier for our customers, we sell the complete installation kit, ready to fit inside or underneath your campervan. You’ll no doubt have seen cheaper models on ebay - just be aware that they don’t include all the bits and pieces you’ll need to actually install the thing.

The MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater is pretty much identical to an expensive Webasto Diesel Heater but with a lower cost of ownership.

Featuring an upgraded control switch which many other diesel heaters do not have, gives flexibility for the system to work as a thermostat or it can be set to constant when needed.

Additional features include:

  • Low current consumption
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Remote control available via SIM card of keyfob clicker
  • Much cheaper spare parts then other heater manufacturers
  • 2 years warranty

Campervan Diesel Heater Installation

Now that we’ve discussed various campervan heater options, sit back, relax, and watch our Kiravans ‘How to’ Video Guide.  Mike shows you the kit you’ll receive and how to install the MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater into a VW T5 Campervan. 


We’re here at Kiravans to advise you on products or installation tips and advice because we really do want to make life easier. Take a look at our full range of campervan conversion kits over on our website.

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