Returns...With No Quibbles...Really?

At Kiravans we have what seems to be an unusually straight forward approach to handling customer returns. We really don't ever quibble.  

But surely that just means people buy loads of stuff and send back what they don’t need? Or take the mickey and try to return things that are ages old? 

Actually….no. We have always found that the vast majority of our customers are honest and fair. We have a relatively low returns rate, however. Over 99.9% of folks who return goods do so in excellent condition and reasonably promptly.

I want to return my goods, what are my rights?

We want our customers to know that if they are hesitant about buying something from Kiravans, then they can have absolute peace of mind that they can return it, whatever the reason.  At Kiravans, we firmly believe in our campervan products and that is why we recommend them to our customers.  We are confident in our product range and we pride ourselves on offering a good returns service and stellar customer service experience.

We understand that some other companies make it difficult for customers to return their products, but delivering customer satisfaction is essential for us.

It is our view that it doesn't make sense to aggravate customers who simply want to return an order. Surely, they are only returning stuff because they don't want it, it's not what they thought they were buying, or heaven forbid...they’ve found something better elsewhere! At this stage, they are probably just a little frustrated at having to return their order, so if we then make the returns process harder, we achieve nothing that helps our customers or us as a business, except for piling aggravation on top of frustration. Seems like a really bad idea to us!

Kiravans Self Service Returns Centre for campervan conversion parts

In all honesty, our no-quibbles approach to returns stems right back to the days when Mike and Rob started Kiravans. They were just two guys trying to do everything themselves... so they found it was just easier and quicker to say yes to every return request than to debate the merits of each and every case. 

Along the way we discovered the truth of handling Customer Returns - saying ‘yes, no problem’ is easy, efficient and costs us very little.  In fact, most customers who return something to us then go on to place many more orders. 

Kiravans warehouse in Yorkshire image

(That's a photo of the old campervan parts warehouse when Rob & Mike were on their own)

So what happens to returned campervan parts when they get back to our warehouse here in Yorkshire? 

It's simple really...everything goes into our Returns Processing Workflow once it’s back in the warehouse. This means that the customer is refunded right away and notified by email. Our Goods-In team checks the goods and the Returns Form (that we ask our customers to complete), to figure out if the item is faulty, good to re-sell as new or OK to re-sell as preloved. Occasionally, we send some motorhome building parts like double seat swivels back to the factory to be re-worked. Then it's a case of selling ‘seconds’ or ‘reworks’ on our Kiravans ebay clearance store. Faulty camper parts either go back to our supplier or are disposed of.

So there you have it. Customer returns are an every-day part of online selling. We firmly believe that by treating our customers fairly and just keeping it simple we make life easier for ourselves and for you. After all, why on earth should we make money if we sell you something that doesn't do what you want it to do. If it's not what you want then just send it back. We’ll never quibble with you over a return. 

So, we hope you are completely satisfied with your Kiravans order, but if there’s anything you do need to return, then please click here and we’ll get it sorted fast.
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