Video: How to insulate a campervan conversion with a Thermal Fill Insulation Layer



Video transcript

Right, moving on to step three now in our lining insulation and soundproofing system for the camper van. We've got a nice quiet camper van now. We've done our sound blocker, sound deadening mat. We've done our thermo-acoustic foam layer as well. So yeah, we're really getting on well with the job. The next stage is to give it a bit more thermal boost.

So this is the sort of quilt layer we're going to put in now. This is our thermal fill. It's a 35 millimeter thick lofting polyester woven product. Very easy to cut, you just need a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife. Just needs to be lightly adhered onto the walls of your van inside the cavities. We sell this high temperature adhesive. So it's going to need a light spray on the panel and then a light spray onto the thermal fill as well. Just give it about 30 seconds to tack off and then you'll be able to press it into place.

Obviously, with this stuff, the more compressed it is the less effective it is. It actually... It works well by trapping air in between the fibers. So don't go jamming it into all... You know, don't force it in too much and compress it. But yeah, I'll crack on with this and we'll show you how it goes.

Right guys, that's the thermal fill layer done. Again it was another two or three hour job. Pretty straightforward. Single layers in these high level cavities. Double layers in the lower ones where you've got more space. Door store going in the sliding doors so I didn't really put much in there. Roof space, if you've got the seven mill foam up there which we recommend for sound deadening and insulation you're not really going to have room to put a 35 mill layer of thermal fill in. I think it would give you to much pressure down on your roof panels. So I wouldn't put any up there with this product. It also gives you some room for air up there. Bit of space.

I've used, I think it was about eight meters off the roll. The roll is 600 mill wide. So that'll give you an idea. There's a tailgate with some in it. Obviously, depending on the number of windows you have will dictate how much of this you use but that'll give you a rough guide.

If you have any questions fire them over to us at the Kiravans website. Next stage to get on with is the carpet lining. So I'll do that video next. And yeah, good luck with this stage and I'll see you next time!


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