Video: How to remove VW Kombi Van Rear Seats


Video transcript

Hi guys, Mike from Kiravans here with a quick video on how to use the seats in the back of a Kombi van, i.e., how do they fold, how do you take them in and out. I'm just doing this quickly because I struggled when I first put these seats in, to figure out how they worked. So if you've got a similar van, maybe it's new to you, this should answer some of your questions.

So this Kombi van has got a double seat here, and a single seat here. The single has got a lever on the back which pops it forward like that for access into the boot. And it also has a little tab down here, so if you pull that tab, that seat will fold forward. Similarly, this one here has got a tab in the middle, which will fold it forward, so all three of them can lay flat like that. To get it back up again, you've got a tab 'round the back which locks it into place, and this one here has got a tab here to go back up again.

So in order to take them out, this one, tilt forward like that. You've got a bar down here, lift up that bar, and then you sort of slam it forward and pull it out at the same time. It's quite heavy, but it is doable on your own, and you just set that one down. And then to get this one out, pull that to fold the backrest down and then you've got a tab on the back of each leg. So you pull these tabs, rock the whole thing forward again, slam it forward, and then to get this one out, it's a bit more of a mission, I normally set it on its edge like that and then go around the side door. This is quite a heavy one, but it is possible on your own to just take it out like that.

And then to get it back in again, it's just the reverse. So I tend to try and line up these two feet so they're gonna connect in their pockets, and then drop it in. And then forwards to get the front feet in, and as you slam it down, you should see two little green tabs come out there, which means that one's in solid. And then you can pull that to get it back up again.

And then the single one, same kind of thing. Get your front feet in position, let the seat slam down again. And when you do it properly, you should see these two little green tabs come out.

Right, so there you have it, quick video. Kombi seats, how to get them in and out. Thanks a lot, see you next time!

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