Gone are the days of old fashioned window dressings. Today, there are lots of quality alternatives to dress your campervan windows in style so you don’t need to worry about chintz, frills and undesirable fabric patterns.

Campervan curtains have a whole host of benefits and can really make a difference to your van experience.  Great for insulation, easy to open when you want to let in the morning light and equally as quick to close when you want privacy in the evening. Not forgetting that they’re essential for security too.  If you intend to leave your van unattended from time to time, then you can simply draw the curtains and hey presto… your belongings are hidden from prying eyes.

So, if your campervan conversion is in need of some warmth and an added style boost, or your existing curtains are looking a little tired, then you can’t go wrong with our high quality Full 5-Piece Black Out Curtain Sets or individual curtains.


  • Single or warm double-layered, heavy dense weave fabric
  • ‘Stretch’ feature, allowing up to 20% extra height for a perfect fit, and no flapping
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Grey/black reversible option
  • Tie-backs
  • Pre-bent rails for each window position
  • Easy to install

Modern campervan curtains are so much more appealing and have oodles of quality features. The most effective are blackout or privacy curtains which will increase your insulation and also offer you added security and privacy for your peace of mind. 

Kiravans curtains have been expertly designed to fit each window. Made from a high quality, heavyweight double fabric layer in contemporary grey and black, which means these curtains are reversible and you can select your chosen internal and external colour scheme.  Double layered dense fabric really does mean an increased level of privacy, insulation and a better, darker nights sleep. Also, with 20% extra stretch within the fabric, each curtain is a perfect fit all round the window.

Our exclusive premium blackout camper curtains are designed to fit a whole host of vans including VW T5/T6 campervan, Ford Transit, Trafic/Vivaro, Transit Custom. Our straight-rail generic curtains are perfect for Mercedes Vito/Viano/Sprinter, VW Crafter, Transporter, Renault Master, Fiat Ducato/Scudo/Talento, Citroen Relay/Dispatch and Vauxhall Movano windows. Just select the window you’d like to dress and each set includes a pair of curtains, pre-bent curtain rails to fit both top and bottom accurately, sturdy and smooth gliders, neat tie backs and all of the necessary fixings to make your window fitting experience as easy and pain free as possible. 

So...whatever, it is you want to achieve we do our best to make it nice and easy for you...we provide the ready-to-install curtain kits and we also even produced a campervan curtain fitting video to walk you through the process (below).  So...read on…

Why are they the best campervan curtains?

Kiravans have over 15 years experience in designing, sourcing and supplying innovative products for your campervan conversion.

We make it nice and easy for you...we provide the ready to install curtain kits and, of course, there’s even our curtain fitting video below.  

Oh… and our Kiravans customer reviews simply speak for themselves…

How do you hang curtains in a camper?

Sit back, relax and watch our exclusive‘‘Kiravans How to Fit Campervan Curtains to a VW Transporter T5/T6’. It’s really worthwhile watching because it guides you easily through the camper curtain fitting process and clearly demonstrates just how simple our curtain rails and campervan curtains are to fit.  We know it will give you the confidence to fit your ready-made curtains with ease as it has with many other customers.

Whether you’re converting a van from scratch or simply want to give your campervan windows an update, there really are some great options for making your home on wheels feel nice and cosy and a home away from home. 

Build your adventure step by step with Kiravans curtain kits and expert knowledge.