Say hello to our NEW and exclusive Ford Transit Custom DoorStore and PanelStore


We’re really excited to introduce you to our brand spanking new ‘Designed by Kiravans’ Ford Transit Custom RHD DoorStore and PanelStore!

Our new products have been thoughtfully created for…

  1. Campervan & People Carrier conversions -  extra storage for those all important travel essentials

  2. Commercial vans - for tradesmen who want to have more storage in the back of their van

Storage is always one of the biggest challenges for van owners and we can offer you a simple solution to quickly and easily enhance your storage power.

When travelling, you’re really not going to want clutter everywhere you’ve gone away to relax after all!  And, keeping your work van in order is equally as important so you can be more organised and efficient during your working day.

Extra storage will definitely benefit you in the long term and allow you to pack big in a small space. 

The Ford Transit Custom DoorStore

Our new DoorStore design originated from our bestselling VW T5/T6 DoorStore.  We simply were inundated with requests for us to extend our range and create one that would fit the Transit Custom, so it was a no-brainer for us. It’s really this straightforward, and we do plan to keep extending our range of DoorStores to fit more van types.

The real beauty of a Kiravans DoorStore is that it fits straight into the redundant sliding door cavities..simply remove the factory fitted hardboard panel, pop in your DoorStore and you will gain loads more storage in a matter of minutes!  Honestly, it’s that quick and easy to install!

Take a look at our video a little further down where you will get a closer look at the product and you can watch Mike install it first hand.

The Ford Transit Custom PanelStore

Exactly the same concept as the DoorStore but designed for the opposite static panel so you can seriously supersize your van storage.

Just remove the factory fitted hardboard panel and secure your PanelStore into the empty cavities.  So simple yet so effective!

Combined, the Ford Transit Custom DoorStore and PanelStore give you an incredible 12 extra storage bins!  You really can’t go wrong with this brilliant van storage!

We know from experience with our existing DoorStore range just how useful these products are.  We’re sure you won’t be disappointed :)

So...sit back, relax and enjoy our Ford Transit Custom DoorStore and Ford Transit Custom PanelStore video where Mike introduces you to our new products and demonstrates just how speedy and uncomplicated they are to install.

 Do you have any good campervan storage ideas? Share them with us, we’d really love to hear from you. 

At Kiravans, we are specialists in designing and sourcing quality products, fittings and accessories for your campervan conversion. Start building your adventure with Kiravans today.