Kiravans Campervan Privacy Windows: A quick look


Video Transcript:

Hi there, I'm Mike from Kiravans and today we're looking at van windows. More specifically, these are after-market van windows, which means they're designed to go into a panel van which didn't have any windows in the rear originally.

The process of fitting them is to cut a hole in the side of the van, and then put a bead of adhesive around the outside of the hole, and then stick the glass on. And typically it'll be ready to drive away within a couple of hours. So let's have a look at Kiravans' windows in a little bit more detail.

So when you order your windows from Kiravans we'll ship them on a 24-hour fully insured service and they'll arrive in a box like this. When they turn up, make sure you check them as soon as you can within a couple of days for any damage and if there is any damage in transit just get in touch and we'll replace your windows free of charge. These boxes are especially designed for transporting the glass and inside you'll get your glass in its original factory plastic wrapper with all the corners protected with these special corner pieces. You'll also get a window fitting guide and a quality approval certificate. So that's what's in the box.

Let's have a look at a window now. This is a typical window from Kiravans. This one is for a Volkswagen T5 van. And it's an opening window. All the glass is tempered safety glass with CE approval. So in the event that it should smash, it'll just break into many, many little harmless pieces, pieces of glass. The glass itself has got a 20% visual light transmission tint to it. It's a dark grey colour and that's enough to give you privacy in the vehicle but still keep it relatively light inside.

Let's have a look on the back. So printed on the back of all our windows is this broad ceramic band. This is the contact surface for the adhesive and it also hides the edge of your window opening when viewed from the outside.

These opening windows have got the opening section in the front just like a VW window van. And it's got a tight rubber seal all the way around the opening section to keep out the wind and the rain. But in the event that any condensation does accumulate or rain water seeps in, it goes straight back out again through these two drain holes here. Or if your van is parked slightly uphill, it'll run down and out this rear drainage channel here.

What else? Opening and closing, it's got a very secure latch on it, which you basically just push that button down and slide it back. And you can leave it however far open you want it or you can drag it all the way back and click it in place there. And then to close it, it's the reverse. You just push it shut like that.

That's about it for windows. If you've got any other questions, do check out the FAQ section on the website, or drop us an email, or give us a call. Thanks for watching!

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