Essential Guide to Campervan Windows & Window Fitting

If you’re planning a new campervan conversion then choosing and fitting the right windows is one of the most important decisions.  Windows will not only give your conversion a good source of natural light, but will also give you the added benefit of ventilation, both of which can be important if you plan to spend a lot of time in your campervan.

When you do your research you will realise that there are lots of different window options so we are here to help. 

We have a great selection of products suitable for all of your window fitting needs on your VW T5/T6, Trafic/Vivaro and Ford Transit Van conversion including tinted glass privacy windows and polyvision windows and roof vents.

Kiravans Privacy Windows

Kiravans bonded tinted glass windows are suitable for the VW T5/T6, Trafic/Vivaro and Transit Custom 2013+ models and come in a variety of styles such as fixed, sliding, tailgate and barn door windows in left and right options.  Occasionally you'll see bonded windows described as 'new style' window. They fit flush to the van, ensuring a greater field of vision and style, and in our opinion, are the best quality windows available on the market today.

The VW T5/T6 windows will add light, ventilation and style to your campervan, and because the glass is tinted, it will also offer you a good level of privacy. Our VW windows are manufactured for us in Turkey and conform to TUV and CE safety standards. Because the glass is tempered, it is safer, stronger, scratch and damage resistant, heat resistant and offers crystal clear clarity and the highest quality.  In the unlikely event of an accident, the glass will shatter into smooth, pebble-like pieces, so there are no dangerous sharp edges. The glass itself is also dark-grey tinted to ensure privacy. The tint is within the glass itself and not a film, it offers 20% visible light transmission for a good level of privacy and sunlight protection.

Fixed or Opening Windows?

It’s as obvious as it sounds… a fixed window will not open, whereas an opening window will allow you to ventilate your campervan as the window slides smoothly on metal rails.

Our bonded opening windows also feature a new slider design. A newly designed latch, which is now only visible on the inside of the window for a cleaner external look.  It includes a single piece moulded plastic fabrication that gives a neater more 'OEM' finish on the inside of your campervan. Also featuring improved drainage as the new plug at the end of the slider rail, along with a neatly hidden drain slot, means there is little chance of water seeping out of the end of the rail.

Van Rooflights

Another great way to boost natural light coming into your campervan interior. Having more natural light flooding in will make your holiday experience more pleasant, particularly when the weather is cold and wet and you want to spend time inside.

There are many designs available but our range of roof vent domes feature double glazing, aerodynamic designs, tinted glass, adjustable darkening screens and a very clever handle design to allow opening the rooflights in three positions. 

A Heiki Rooflight really will give your campervan bags of style for a clean, contemporary finish.

Polyvision Windows

These are also really good windows which are commonly found on motorhomes, but work just as well in a campervan, and are always popular.

The main differences between a Polyvision window and our range of bonded windows is that a Polyvision window is manufactured from Acrylic and the frame will protrude from the van further, whereas a bonded window is made from tempered glass and sits more flush to the van side.

How to Fit Camper Glass

Before fitting your campervan windows you’re going to need certain products and tools, and it’s really important to have all the necessary ingredients to clean and prepare your campervan and glass before fitting. Take a look at these great window fitting kits. Pre-packed with the products you’re going to need before fitting including items like Winbond primerless adhesive, surface wipes, glass wipes, activator and gloves.  

Other handy tools you might need are glass suction pads, knife blades and don’t forget the U-profile window edge trim...if you have these items then you’ll be ready to go.

We have a great selection of products suitable for all of your window fitting needs on your VW T5/T6, Trafic/Vivaro and Ford Transit Van conversion.

Before you get started on fitting your campervan custom windows, we recommend you watch our really useful Kiravans ‘How to’ video which takes you through the entire campervan window fitting process step by step and clearly demonstrates how to fit bonded windows into your T5 campervan. It’s definitely worth a watch because it will give you loads of really great hints, tips and our best advice on how to prepare and fit your custom windows.

Take a look at Kiravans where you’ll find all of our recommended windows and window fitting products that we’ve carefully selected for you to enjoy and make the most of your campervan holidays for many years to come.
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