A guide to Kiravans campervan privacy windows

Windows will give your van conversion a fantastic source of natural light and ventilation, both of which can be important if you plan to spend a lot of time in your campervan.

Choosing and fitting the right windows in your campervan conversion is definately one of the most important decisions you’ll make.  

There are so many different van window choices and combinations for you to choose from that it can get quite confusing, so we’ve put together this simple guide which we hope you will find useful.

Positioning your campervan windows

When converting a panel van, you get to choose how many windows you want and where to put them. Mid and rear side panels, back doors and even the roof are all options! For reference, we refer to the driver side as ‘Right’ or ‘Offside’ and the passenger side as ‘Left’ or ‘Nearside’. 

Sliding door and right side panel  

Barn door windows       

Rear quarter window left

It’s worth pointing out that sliding door windows and fixed panel windows aren’t the same size. Sliding door windows tend to be slightly shorter because of the extra metal work involved to give the door strength. 

You can shop windows according to vehicle make and wheelbase (SWB or LWB). Also check that the windows will fit if you have a higher roofed van than standard.

We have a great selection of tinted glass privacy windows suitable for VW T5/T6, Trafic/Vivaro/Primastar and Ford Transit Custom vans.

Kiravans privacy windows

You may see these types of van windows referred to as ‘Bonded’ windows. This simply means they are stuck directly onto the vehicle bodywork using a high performance PU adhesive. This is common practice for all modern vehicle manufacturers, which results in a smooth, flush fit and finish.

Our van windows are manufactured for us in a specialist factory and conform to TUV and CE safety standards. Because the glass is tempered, it is safer, stronger, scratch resistant, heat resistant and offers crystal clear clarity. In the unlikely event of an accident, the glass will shatter into smooth, pebble-like pieces, so there are no dangerous sharp edges. 

All Kiravans windows are tinted dark grey, with the tint being within the glass itself and not a film. It offers 20% visible light transmission for a very good level of privacy and sunlight protection, whilst maintaining a pleasant level of light and visibility inside the van. The tint level refers to the amount of light it lets through the glass, so the lower the percentage the darker the tint.  A ‘clear’ window is usually around 90% so this will help you get a better understanding of the level of tint and privacy you will gain.

Fixed or opening campervan windows?

It’s as obvious as it sounds… a fixed window will not open, whereas an opening window will allow you to ventilate your campervan by opening the sliding section.

Our opening windows feature a smooth slider mechanism with a secure locking latch, which is only visible on the inside of the window for a cleaner external look.  The single-piece moulded plastic fabrication gives a neater, more 'OEM' finish inside.

Many van owners with factory fitted sliding windows have complained of leaks due to the difficulty manufacturers have in making a flush sliding window totally waterproof. Aftermarket windows, like ours, overcome this problem by allowing a small amount of rain water to penetrate in around the seal and then channeling it back out via two hidden plastic drainage channels behind the glass.

Campervan rooflights

A rooflight is another great way to boost natural light and ventilation in your van conversion. It will increase the feeling of internal space on those colder, darker days and provide welcome fresh air when the temperature rises.

There are many designs available... some that are a double skinned aerodynamic design with UV tint, adjustable blackout blind, fly screen and a multi-position ventilation function. All this with a clean and contemporary internal finish!

How to fit campervan windows

Fitting bonded windows to your van is a job that you can do yourself if you are reasonably ‘handy’. Take a look at the Kiravans ‘How To’ video on fitting van windows to help you decide whether this is something you want to try yourself.

If you reckon it’s not for you then a local van converter or auto glass professional will be able to fit your van glass for you.

If you do take on the job yourself you’ll get a great sense of achievement. Before you start, make sure you have all the tools and correct window fitting kits you require. Our pre-packed kits come complete with PU adhesive, surface wipes, glass activator, primer and gloves. Don’t forget your glass suction pads, knife blades and U-profile window edge trim - full details of all this are on the website.

Now you are ready to watch our window fitting video in greater detail. It walks you through the whole process step-by-step so that you can complete the job like a pro!

There’s no doubt about it…campervan windows will add light, ventilation and style to your campervan. Check out Kiravans for our full range exciting campervan conversion products and helpful guides.