Ultra Cure Campervan Window Adhesive & U-Profile Edge Trim Bundle

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Wayne Manning

Ultra Cure Campervan Window Adhesive & U-Profile Edge Trim Bundle

Ash Kirkwood
Great product

Following the guidance on the Kiravan video for fitting bonded windows it took two tubes of glue and three were sent, and we had a couple of meters spare U trim as well which made for a comfortable experience when fitting knowing you could afford to make the odd mistake and not run out of anything. Had both windows fitted in a morning with two people who had never done it before. Windows are well secure and no leaks. Highly recommend watching the video a few times and following the steps closely around primer and silicone pattern.

Good kit, needs more primer applicators!

I got this as a kit for 4 windows (2 sides and 2 rears) for my transit custom.

As some have said, the instructions aren't quite relevant to bonded windows, but more for refitting a windscreen. Best advice is to follow Kiravans window fitting video on this site, and YouTube - this is truly excellent and confidence inspiring. You can do it!

The adhesive is amazing stuff but is really thick. Get a heavy duty sealant gun from screwfix, you hands will thank you. One window in and I had to change to the new gun.

U-trim is very nice, fits over both skins and cuts well with a set of side cutters and a sharp Stanley knife for some slight shaping. They supply plenty and I have approx 1.5m left over.

2 suggestions for Kiravans. First is either supply different nozzles or different instructions showing how to use the included ones. The v-notch is perfect, but the edge guide (designed to sit on the edge of a windscreen) needs to be trimmed off before use. Please update the nozzles or the instructions.

Second is to include more applicators for the primer. This stuff dries SUPER quickly. By the time I had primed the cut edges of the opening, and waited for it to dry in order to put the U-trim on (approx 15 mins), the applicator had gone rock solid with dried primer, despite wrapping in plastic. This meant that I either had to use another one, or try to use the dried one to prime the van and the windows.

Try to keep this in mind. Overall a great kit with some minor drawbacks.

Frank skinner
Does exactly what it was meant to do

I bought this fitting kit to fit to side windows in my Mercedes Sprinter conversion did exactly what it was meant to do had plenty adhesive left after fitting both windows the double thickness edging strip was perfect and made a nice neat finishing

OK apart from the adhesive nozzle

Primer and felt dabbers good. Wide trim good, but way too much for one window (I got the one window kit). Glass activator wipes good. 2 tubes adhesive bonding compound. Only used one, which was more than enough, so an expensive waste. Plastic applicator nozzle USELESS and nearly ruined the job. No instructions for how to use the nozzle, neither in the box or on website. I know this sounds stupid and pedantic, but if you don't apply a consistently thick continuous band of bonding compound, there is real risk of incomplete contact and water ingress at best, or total failure (glass drop-out) at worst. The plastic nozzle "depth gauge" can easily foul optimum bonding compound application. Instructions about this important step should be supplied, but are lacking. Give it a go - you'll soon see what my gripe is.

Fast delivery. Packaged really good.

Bought privacy windows sides and back. Packaged really well thankyou. Perfect. Good quality. Great value. Bought fixing kit too
Perfect. Will definitely buy here again soon.


This window fitting bundle has everything you need to fit privacy windows into your T5/T6, Vivaro/Trafic, Ford Transit or any other short wheel base campervan.

We've bundled everything together to take the headache away of working it all out! and just like our other bundles, the U-profile & Adhesive Window Fitting Kit Bundle is also more cost effective for you than buying everything individually. 

This bundle includes U-Profile window edge trim (extra wide - the easiest to fit and the one we recommend!) plus sufficient amount of Winbond Ultra Cure Window Adhesive. So all you need to do is select the number of windows you are fitting from the dropdown options, and add to basket. We've worked out the rest. (Oh, and don't worry... we've added a couple of extra metres of u-profile edge trim just incase).

Is there anything else you'll need to fit your windows? Well, although not essential, we strongly recommend you also use a couple of the orange glass suction pads for lifting and presenting your windows to the bonding adhesive in the final stage of installation. The window glass is heavy and you want to be sure you present the window squarely to the van. We haven't included these in this bundle.

Finally... don't forget to watch our campervan window fitting video. Alongside reading through our downloadable window fitting instructions, you should be well prepared to fit your windows successfully.

Included in this bundle:

Extra wide U-profile edge trim (Black)

This edge trim is designed to cover edges from 8-14 mm across. It's the product we recommend here at Kiravans, and the easiest to fit.

Winbond Ultra Cure Window Adhesive

This adhesive is a rapid cure, single component, high modulus, high viscosity, moisture curing Polyurethane adhesive/sealant with a drive away time of 4 hours.  We include at least 1 double cartridge kit, which includes adhesive, primer, dabbers, activator wipes and rubber gloves. Depending on how many windows you're fitting, we will also include extra tubes of adhesive. You will have enough primer and activator to use on all your windows in the double cartridge kit. 

Window Resources

Installation documentation, videos & FAQ's:

Kiravans Campervan Windows

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