Silicone Lubricant Aerosol (500ml)

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Silicone spray is an effective lubricant on most surfaces and is noncorrosive. When sprayed on hard surfaces, silicone spray is able to maintain its lubricating properties in a variety of temperature ranges and environments.

Silicone Lubricant provides a clear barrier which is excellent for treating machinery and moving parts against the build up of dust, hair and foreign matter. Being impervious to water, it deposits a film onto protective clothing, canvas tents, golf bags, umbrellas, fishing and camping accessories and other similar materials, making them rain and shower proof.

Silicone Lubricant puts slip where you want it, and is excellent for treating squeaking hinges, seized locks and is superb for lubricating tools such as saw blades and cutting edges. It puts the shine back on vehicle dashboards and door panels and may be used as a general purpose polish.

How to use: Silicone Lubricant should be sprayed onto the surface from 15cm (6 inches) to 25cm (10 inches), if required buff with a clean cloth.


Whilst handling Silicone Lubricant, we advise to keep away from heat, sparks and open flames and to use the aerosol in well ventilated areas. Silicone Lubricant needs to be stored at moderate temperatures in dry, well ventilated areas and must not be exposed to direct sunlight or temperatures above 50°C.


  • Ease of Use: Spray on, wipe off.
  • Every application is a clean, fresh application.
  • Does not contain potentially environment or ozone damaging materials such as CFCs.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from date of purchase.


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