Right Rear Quarter Window + Fitting Kit for Vivaro 2019+ & Dispatch/Jumpy/Expert/ProAce 2016+ (MWB/LWB)

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Window Fitting Kits

Our Individual Windows also come with an optional window fitting kit which includes:

  • U-Profile Window Rubber Trim: 4 metres
  • Window Adhesive 310ml: 2 x Tubes Ultra Cure
  • Primer 30ml: 1 x Bottle
  • Activator Wipes: 2 x Wipes
  • Dabbers & Rubber Gloves: 1 x Set
Back in the early days when Kiravans was a campervan rental company in Scotland, my brother and I used to spend our days building campervans to add to our fleet so folks could explore the Scottish Highlands. During our own van conversions, we got so fed up with the quality of the windows arriving from our (then) supplier and we were often left feeling irritated!

In those days, you really only had 3 choices when installing windows into your van:
A - Buy affordable but inferior windows made in China
B - Buy high quality but expensive windows made in the UK
C - Buy original OEM glass, which was not designed for aftermarket installations.

As you can imagine, we weren't happy with any of those choices.

So we went on a mission. We researched everything we could on aftermarket van window production, hunted down multiple factories and made contact with several of them. Eventually, after much research, we narrowed down our possibilities and established a very good rapport with our current European supplier, Rafet.

We are proud to say that back then in 2009, we were the first in the campervan industry to import windows from Europe. Nevertheless, there was nothing stopping our competitors following suit and so with a quick search on google, you'll now find many other companies out there selling the same thing.

We're also really proud that, 12 years on, our partnership with our European supplier has brought down the price of decent van windows by about 40%. Nowadays a pair of opening windows will cost you about the same as the fixed windows used to cost.

So which windows are right for you? If you're looking for budget windows and a low price is your top priority, then we would advise searching for Chinese supplied campervan glass as it will be a little cheaper for you. However if you're looking for a higher quality of glass, just not at OEM prices, then you’re in the right place.

So why do so many campervan builders choose Kiravans?

In a word it's about trust. We have been doing this for a very long time and simply put, we know what's important to campervan builders.

It's likely this is your first ever time buying van windows. Your project may not go perfectly... things may happen to knock you off track (believe me we've been there!) but by choosing Kiravans windows you can at least relax about this key stage of your conversion.

By buying with us, you can be 110% confident that if you have any problem whatsoever we will sort it for you. Full stop. Customer service is what we do best.

Still unsure? Read what our customers have to say below.

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