MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater Complete Kit

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David Oakes
Great heater.

Great bit of kit, works well and it’s quiet. Straightforward installation, the Kiravans video was very helpful. Great service as always.

Nigel Appleton
Mv Airo 2 in T5 2011

Not fired up yet but close.
Great videos and instructions from Kiravans - study them carefully!
Borrowed time on a van lift to fit this - glad I did!
Empty the tank first! You can’t siphon this - reckon 50 miles after light comes on is safe.
Can feed hot air duct up into van in corner by seatbelt - I’m banking on this as there is no room with leis battery under seat.
Aiming to put cold air feed through driver step in one 62mm operation rather than taking step out - wish me luck.
Otherwise pain free fitting so far.
Good to have Kiravans if I get stuck.

Ben Russell

Bought believing it was bluetooth enabled. But its not. It requires additional parts. This was not made clear in the description.
Seems a quality product otherwise and kiravans youtube video makes instsllation very simple

Spot on

The heater works brilliant and was quite easy to fit specially with the video would deafly recommend


Rob and Mike both have one of these in their vans as they make a huge difference to family comfort when camping or even just having a day by the beach! These now come with the addition of an exhaust silencer and a combustion air silencer to further reduce noise.

The MV Airo 2 Diesel heater is easy to fit and has the same footprint and installation procedure as other manufacturers' heaters - with the added benefits of lower cost of ownership due to lower-priced service and maintenance parts. This kit includes everything you need for a full install and takes about a day to complete the job.

The MV Airo includes an upgraded control switch, offering more flexibility than those supplied with other makes of diesel heater. It can work either as a thermostat (so it switches off when a temperature is reached) or to set a constant heat output from 0.9 to 2kw (so it works constantly at an appropriate output, and does not cut in and out through the night).

Fitting - Important

Most modern vans have a pressured fuel system. Do not attempt to just plumb straight into a fuel line using a 'T' piece. Fuel must come directly from the fuel tank using the standpipe supplied.


  • Low current consumption
  • Very low fuel consumption 
  • Spare parts are much less expensive than other heater manufacturers
  • UK technical support line from MV Heating 

Heater Comparison

  MV Airo 2 Diesel MV Airo Airo 2 Petrol MV MY20 Economie
Years Warranty 3 3 2
Petrol or Diesel Diesel Petrol Diesel
Output (w) 2000 2000 2000
Voltage 12/24 12/24 12/24
Fuel Consumption (l/h) 0.12 - 0.24 0.14 - 0.27 0.10 - 0.28
Weight (kgs) 2.6 2.6 2.7
Power Consumption 14-29 14-29


Dimensions 323 x 120 x 121 323 x 120 x 121 210 x 115 x 122
Thermostat YES YES YES
Temperature probe YES YES NO
Auto Altitude adjustment YES YES NO
Bluetooth enabled YES YES NO
Timer Control YES YES YES
Remote Control NO NO YES
Rotary Control YES YES NO
Digital controller option YES YES NO
Bluetooth app control YES YES NO
Sim card control option YES YES NO
Exhaust and Combustion Air silencers YES YES YES
2 outlet add on kit option YES YES YES
Acoustic Ducting add on option YES YES YES


  • MV Airo 2kw Diesel Heater
  • Internal kit includes a floor mounting plate (it's typically fit under driver's seat)
  • External kit includes an under van floor mounting plate
  • 60mm APK ducting
  • Fuel standpipe to go in the top of your diesel tank for the VW T5 pressurised fuel system
  • 22mm exhaust with end cap (0.7m)
  • 22mm exhaust silencer with bracket
  • 22mm combustion air hose with end cap (0.7m)
  • Combustion air silencer
  • Main wiring harness (20A fuse)
  • 5mm plastic fuel line
  • Fuel pump extension loom
  • Rotary control & mounting pad incl. fixings
  • Mounting gasket
  • Exhaust clamp & 'P' clip
  • Combustion air intake clamp & strap
  • 12v fuel pump & clamp
  • Inline plastic fuel filter
  • Fuel pipe connector & clamp
  • Cable ties
  • Includes all other fixings & hose clips required.

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