CLI-MAT NT THERMO Internal Thermal Cab Window Silver Screens - VW T6/T6.1

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Karen Bremner
Fit perfectly.

These are really easy to put up in fact I don’t need to use the sucker things on the side windows as they fit so tightly

Jane Fuller
Great service.

Genuine VW paint supplied.

John Southern
The window screens were well made.

There is no doubt that the screen quality was robust…..nothing frayed or miss shaped, the blinds remained in place and kept out the light perfectly albeit two of the new rubber stickers had popped off the window through the night.
The key advantage was they weren’t sopping wet in the morning, so getting ready to move on was not such an issue; I previously bought an expensive over-screen option, not fully dry these went mouldy in their bag and smell terrible… even Febreeze cannot help…they are banished to my garage from now on.
Every option is going to be a compromise, but I guess these are as good as you’ll get on the market.

H Bratten
Cli-mat Thermo internal cab silver screens

Quality product and great service from Kiravans. Unfortunately the screens did not fit t6.1 well enough to keep for the price. So, still looking for best fit internal cab screens.


A 3-piece cab screen set for the VW T6 & T6.1. Will not fit a T5, please see our other listing.)

These Thermal Window Screens easily affix to the inside of your camper van windows and can be put up and taken down in minutes. They are great for maintaining warmth during cooler weather as well as deflecting sunlight from your van to keep it cool on hot summer days.

In our experience of using, building and hiring out campervans these screens are the bees knees! No curtains to flap around your ears while you drive, made from 100% blackout material and very good insulation at night when you really need it. 

Construction of the CLI-MAT NT Thermo Screens

The Climat NT Thermo screens use a three-layer design comprising of PVC layers sandwiching a substantial foam insulating layer. Due to the shape and increased thickness of these screens, they fit snugly into van windows, requiring minimal assistance from the provided suckers.

Compatibility & Fitting

  • Screens are vehicle & window specific so will only fit the model listed
  • Some factory models e.g. the Caravelle have plastic mouldings around the windows, which will result in a poorer fit
  • The soft plastic suckers grip securely, provided the glass is clean and smooth. Avoid attaching them to dirty or heated glass surfaces. Some aftermarket windscreens with extended black dot patterns around the rear-view mirror might pose adherence challenges.
  • For front window screens you need to fold down the sun visors to help keep the top of the screens neatly in place and reduce light coming in around the edges. 


  • 3-piece set includes windscreen + cab windows
  • Soft plastic suckers (packed separately and need to be attached using the key rings supplied)

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