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Rear T5 barn door glass fitting

Yes good service from Kiravans as per usual ,but a couple of silly mistakes I made ! I used short 50 mm jigsaw blades and the rear windows are more awkward to cut than the side ones it jumped out and dented the door! So use longer blades !! .Also make sure there are no metal filings on the sucker handles as it scratched the glass ! when you push the lever down ,and I am a very careful person and it was a friends van !! Put your adhesive in the airing cupboard and keep it warm.

Robbie S
Lighter than I expected

These windows are not as dark as some aftermarket windows I've seen on other vans however I guess this is down to personal preference.

This was raised with Kiravans who as per their usual first class customer service offered to assist even after fitting.

5 stars for Kiravans 4 stars for the windows.

Jason Allison
Barn Door Windows for T5

Great service as to delivery, video instruction was great.
Products were excellent.
Cut window openings with Jigsaw, took my time, make sure you have plenty of blades and wear eye protection as a few blades snapped During the process. I tidied the metal edges with a Dremel before following the video instructions to the letter.
Whole job took just over 6 hours. No leaks and very tidy. Fitting kit was excellent.

Mark Smith
Barn door windows - top quality service and product

I can't fault the any part of the process, Kiravans have exceeded my expectations at every stage, from ordering to installation.

The installation kit and instructions are perfect, the only issue I had was getting an even bead of sealant around the window trim. The nozzle on the mastic tube has a little 'peg' sticking out the end, and I assumed this was to maintain the correct distance from the bodywork thus delivering the perfect bead. In practice, it was impossible because the peg isn't strong enough, and in hindsight I should have cut it off and made the 'V' cutout in the nozzle deeper. The net result of this was that my windows leaked at the top, and had to get them cut out and rebonded. When the professionals install windows they use an cordless electric mastic gun, which produces an even bead, I didn't even know such a thing existed! Just something to watch for and in no way reflects badly on the product or the instructions.


Excellent quality products, easy to install thanks to tutorials, staff always available and friendly

4 marzo 2018

Excellent quality products, easy to install thanks to tutorials, staff always available and friendly


Our aftermarket privacy campervan windows have a dark grey tint to them, stained within the glass itself. This tinted glass allows 20% visible light transmission for a good degree of privacy in your campervan.

Windows are tempered for safety and 'E' stamped to meet the strict European safety standard UN/ECE R43. These high quality windows have a black ceramic 'frit' paint pattern on the inside of the glass, which prevents any visibility of cut metal from the outside of your van conversion. 


  • 'E' stamped Tempered Glass - Meets strict European safety standard UN/ECE R43

  • Tinted Privacy Windows - Our campervan windows are stained with an 80% dark grey tint. This tint is within the glass itself and is not a film like some manufacturers

  • Tempered - In the event of an accident, these campervan windows will shatter into thousands of small pieces, so there's no sharp edges

  • Fritted Glass - The black ceramic 'frit' paint pattern on the inside of the glass prevents visibility of any cut metal from the outside of your van conversion

  • New & Improved Latches - Updated latches on all our opening windows for a smoother opening

  • Includes Fitting Instructions & Online Fitting Video - Plus we are always just a phone call or email away if you need any further advice

  • Extra Tough Packaging - Double cardboard 300 KT box with inserts to suspend glass away from edges

  • Fast & Reliable Shipping - We're extremely proud of our quick delivery times!

  • Glass Insurance - We insure all our glass, so if anything happens during transit, we will send a replacement out straight away - no quibbles.


          • Compatible with VW Transporter T5/T6 vans
          • Not compatible with high roof vans

          Product Specification

          • Safety: Compliant with the European safety standard UN/ECE R43
          • Tint: 80% stained glass, not a film
          • Manufactured: Europe
          • Insurance: All glass is insured for transit

          Extra Tough Packaging & Delivery Guarantee

          Packaging is made from 300 KT cardboard and features inserts so glass is suspended away from any edges, protecting it from crushing whilst out on the road. All of our glass is insured, so if an accident does happen whilst your glass is on it's way to you, we will send out a replacement straight away... no quibbles.

            Back in the early days when Kiravans was a campervan rental company in Scotland, my brother and I used to spend our days building campervans to add to our fleet so folks could explore the Scottish Highlands. During our own van conversions, we got so fed up with the quality of the windows arriving from our (then) supplier and we were often left feeling irritated!

            In those days, you really only had 3 choices when installing windows into your van:
            A - Buy affordable but inferior windows made in China
            B - Buy high quality but expensive windows made in the UK
            C - Buy original OEM glass, which was not designed for aftermarket installations.

            As you can imagine, we weren't happy with any of those choices.

            So we went on a mission. We researched everything we could on aftermarket van window production, hunted down multiple factories and made contact with several of them. Eventually, after much research, we narrowed down our possibilities and established a very good rapport with our current European supplier, Rafet.

            We are proud to say that back then in 2009, we were the first in the campervan industry to import windows from Europe. Nevertheless, there was nothing stopping our competitors following suit and so with a quick search on google, you'll now find many other companies out there selling the same thing.

            We're also really proud that, 12 years on, our partnership with our European supplier has brought down the price of decent van windows by about 40%. Nowadays a pair of opening windows will cost you about the same as the fixed windows used to cost.

            So which windows are right for you? If you're looking for budget windows and a low price is your top priority, then we would advise searching for Chinese supplied campervan glass as it will be a little cheaper for you. However if you're looking for a higher quality of glass, just not at OEM prices, then you’re in the right place.

            So why do so many campervan builders choose Kiravans?

            In a word it's about trust. We have been doing this for a very long time and simply put, we know what's important to campervan builders.

            It's likely this is your first ever time buying van windows. Your project may not go perfectly... things may happen to knock you off track (believe me we've been there!) but by choosing Kiravans windows you can at least relax about this key stage of your conversion.

            By buying with us, you can be 110% confident that if you have any problem whatsoever we will sort it for you. Full stop. Customer service is what we do best.

            Still unsure? Read what our customers have to say below.

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