CBE Frame (Inner & Outer) - Light Silvery Grey

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This includes both the inner support frame (this is the frame your component attaches to) and the outer coloured frame which simply clips over for a neat finish. 

The CBE frames can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Simply choose your size; 1-gang, 2-gang or 3-gang.


  • 1 way outer frame: 85 (L) x 80 (H)
  • ( 1 way inner support frame: 86mm (L) x 78mm (H)
    • 2 way outer frame: 140 (L) x 80 (H)
    • ( 2 way inner support frame: 139mm (L) x 78mm (H) 
    • 3 way outer frame: 195mm (L) x 80mm (H)
    • ( 3 way inner support frame: 192mm (L) x 78mm (H)

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