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There is another page listing seats that are now in stock,

LEAD TIME UPDATE AT RIB:  Due to the annual shut down at RIB during August, lead times for made to order & group buy seats are now around 12-18 weeks as they catch up with orders.


Introducing Group-Buy RIB Seats

Plan ahead, wait a little longer, save at least £220 per seat...


At Kiravans we always aim to offer an exceptional service and straightforward pricing. The straight-forward pricing bit has always been tricky with RIB seats as there are just so many options available. So every year we try to make things easier for you. Last year we started holding a wide range of seats in stock, for rapid delivery - but that's expensive, and of course, we just have to guess what to buy in.

So this year we're doing things a bit differently. This season it's all about costs, keeping them down as low as humanly possible for you. We can reduce costs by grouping your orders together with orders from other customers, we call it Group-Buying. Here's why it saves you money:


  1. Filling the trucks that come over from France: The more seats on a wagon the cheaper it gets.
  2. Ordering in volume from RIB: When placing large orders for identical seats we get a discount on the cost price.
  3. Getting the best exchange rates: When we place bigger orders, we get much better currencyenxchange rates.
  4. Reducing the cost of delivery to you: If we can deliver several seats at a time the pallet courier rates drop significantly.

What does that mean for you? Well basically if you can wait a few weeks extra for your seat you'll save over £220. That's more than a 10% saving just by planning ahead.


Here's an example...


  • Standard Simora 112cm seat without sliders from Kiravans stock: £2000 inc VAT & delivery.
  • Similar seat produced as a Made to Order job: £2070 inc VAT & delivery.
  • Similar seat produced as part of a Group-Buy order: £1850 inc VAT & delivery.


How to get the best price:


  1. place your order on this Group-Buy page. Check out the information at the top of that page about "Order by____  for Delivery on _____ ". 
  2. we will collate all the Group-Buy orders on the last day of the month and pass it to RIB. This means we get the costs as low as possible.
  3. Within 2 or 3 days we will receive confirmation of the ETA from Scopema, and we will pass that on to you.
  4. About 8 weeks later your seat will be shipped over, we'll check it and give you a call to arrange delivery on to you.

Remember: if you want an easy to install, safety tested, fitting system then simply add a Kiravans Fitting Kit to your order (linked at the bottom of this page), we'll send it right out for you.





Payment must be received and cleared by end of the month. Unpaid Group-Buy orders will be canceled on the last day of the month. Payment is either by card, PayPal, or bank transfer (just select your method at the checkout). For clarity - we will not chase payments. Unpaid orders will be automatically canceled at the end of the month.

Changes to your order cannot be made, instead please just cancel your order and place a new order. Cancellation of orders by you is accepted up to the Group-Buy cut off date, thereafter we can not cancel or amend your order.

Delivery dates are estimated on this page, based on our many years experience working with RIB, we will confirm the actual delivery date as soon as we receive confirmation from RIB, this will be a few days after our Group-Buy cut-off date.

Range of products available on Group-Buy is limited in order to ensure we get the best prices. Remember we have to order multiples of the same seat in order to get the lowest prices. If you feel that something is missing off the list please let us know.



Check the specification matches your needs:


Essentially our seats are designed to fit a T5 / T6 with ply lined floor - but will equally work in other models of van. Do please check the spec below is appropriate for your needs.

  1. Width:  'standard width' is 112cm wide (2 seating positions). Other widths available are 120cm (2 positions), 130cm (3 positions), or 150cm (3 seating positions)
  2. Rear cushion length:   65 cm rear cushion (to make a 6 foot bed)
  3. Height: 33 cm height clearance, to fit over the top of a T5 wheel arch
  4. Leg insets: 16cm left leg inset, to fit around the wheel arch
  5. Corner cut out: Corner cut-out on rear cushion to go around the T5 rear door pillar
  6. Slider mechanism: not included (unless specifically mentioned in the description)
  7. Headrests: Integrated headrests on all models



Upholstery options on these Group-Buy RIB seats

  • No Fabric
The seat is supplied with headrests and seatbelts not fitted, so that it is easier to upholster at your workshop.
  • 2 Tone grey
Uses 2 colours from our plain fabric range. This high quality upholstery fabric has a soft feel and textured weave pattern.
  • Anthracite
A dark grey colour from our plain fabric range. This upholstery fabric has a soft feel and textured weave pattern.
  • Inka T5, Place
These seats are upholstered in Original VW fabrics. Patteren fabric is used in the seat insert panels while the rest of the seat and bed are covered in the appropriate OEM grey material 
  • Simora
Original VW Simora pattern fabric is used in the seat insert panels, while the remainder of the seat & bed are finished in a high quality black upholstery fabric. (We do not use the original VW black fabric as it is extremely 'hard' to the touch and does not perform well in this application.
  • Austin
We use original VW pattern fabric to cover the entire seat and bed, plain grey fabric is not incorporated in this particular seat - we feel that in this case the patterened fabric provides a higher quality finish.
  • Black Leather
Automotive grade black leather is used throughout the seating faces of this seat. For sleeping comfort we use a man-made suede-effect fabric (called Enduro) on the bed sides and rear cushion.
  • ***Tasamo
 Original VW dark grey fabric all over. Unfortunately the patterned VW Tassamo fabric is no longer available.
  • Leatherette 2 tone
These are automotive PVC leatherette fabric in Black with mid-grey insert panel



Find out more about Kiravans RIB campervan seats


We have years of experience sourcing, installing and supplying RIB campervan seats to the public and campervan conversion trade, indeed Kiravans is the largest distributor of RIB seats in the UK. We have deliveries of seats arriving direct from Scopemas French factory every 2 weeks. Lead time on production of RIB seats is around 2 months so we decided a few years ago to start holding small numbers of the most popular models in stock.

The seats on this page are made available to order only when we are confident that they will arrive within 4 weeks. 

Delivery of RIB campervans seats is free of charge within mainland UK. 

We have compiled a list of customer most common questions about rock and roll beds, as well as a simple RIB seat installation guide, and a clear Safety Information Sheet. There are links to these pdf documents on the side of this page.


Delivery & Returns

Delivery Europe

European delivery by 3-7 day pallet courier service. Cost depends on country, calculated at checkout.

Delivery UK

UK delivery by 48 hour pallet courier service. Delivery on a tail-lift equipped truck to your kerb. Free for orders over £69.

Delivery International

International delivery not available.


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You're reviewing: Group-Buy. Save over £220. Seats with sliders **12-18 weeks ETA**
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Group-Buy. Save over £220. Seats with sliders **12-18 weeks ETA**

Item: altair-slider-Group-Buy
Choose your products:
Product Name Stock Price Qty
VW Inka trim RIB seat with Slider. Group-Buy. VW Inka trim RIB seat with Slider. Group-Buy.
In Stock
£2,000.00 £1,666.67
Dark grey  (Tasamo uni***) RIB seat with slider. Group-Buy. Dark grey (Tasamo uni***) RIB seat with slider. Group-Buy.
In Stock
£2,000.00 £1,666.67
VW Place trim RIB seat with Slider. Group-Buy. VW Place trim RIB seat with Slider. Group-Buy.
In Stock
£2,000.00 £1,666.67
VW Simora & Black trim RIB seat with slider. Group-Buy. VW Simora & Black trim RIB seat with slider. Group-Buy.
In Stock
£2,000.00 £1,666.67
Manufacturer: No
Key Dimensions:

Bed length = 186cm

Compatible With: VW Transporter T6 (right hand drive only), VW Transporter T5 (right hand drive only)
Delivery Note: No
Seat width: 112cm (2 seater) or 150cm (3 seater)
Trim colour: A range of different trims available
Seatbelts: 2 or 3 included depending on size.
Rear cushion length: 65cm (makes 6ft bed)
Headrests: Integrated into backrest & height adjustable
Rear cushion cut out: Yes - to accommodate the rear left door pillar(and right door pillar on 150cm seats)
Frame height: 33cm clearance to suit VW T5 with 12mm ply floor
Leg inset: Left leg inset by 16cm to clear wheel-arch(also inset on right by 16cm on 150cm seats)
Safety Standard: TUV Homologation
Fitting Kit: Not included - Certified RIB seat installation system available to buy
Sliding frame: Please check seat title to see if this is included
ISOFIX: Available on made to order seats

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