Kiravans X83 Vauxhall Vivaro 2001-2014 Double Passenger Seat Swivel (Right Hand Drive)

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Dallas Haigh
Renault trafic sport 2013 swivel base

Fitted this afternoon and what a breeze it was to fit. Delivery was quick, just be prepared the base is quite heavy.

Brian Curran
2018 Renault traffic sport swivel base

The base is upto 2014 I brought this product knowing I had to alter the bolts on the original seat for the swivel base to fit properly so removed seat the 2 front bolts will end up being longer so i put base over them seeing i needed to take off approximately 12mm off stud so I put over stud to where it should finish n cut the protruding stud flush with top of the bolt once tightened down it didn't obstruct the base from moving
On the rear of seat you have 2x spacers welded to bottom of seat you need to cut them off and reuse them under the rear of the plate use the original bolts no alterations to the rear bolts so once plate is in place over the the front studs and rear holes add the nuts to the front and bolts to the rear through the swivel plate and spacers which sit under the plate hope this helps I found if I move the driver seat back it will pass by the drivers armrest when turning the double seat some people remove armrest

Thanks for the review Brian. We are delighted that you managed to make it work for your 2014+ model. I am obliged to clarify that this product has not been tested in your vehicle.

Double swivel base

I found fitting this double seat swivel base ( to our Vivaro 2006 lwb) easy and straight forward. It works well and is ready to rotate once all four fasteners are released. The only very slight pain, is having to unplug the seat belt pretensions from the seat base every time you swivel the seat. This is inherent to the seat design and nothing to do with the swivel design. Overall we are very happy so far, time will tell!

Andy Gibb
Swivel seat

Superb bracket and highly recommended although I have a couple of bolts that are tapping on the base as I drive. Is there a way of resolving this ? Other than that great but of kit

Thanks for the review Andy. It looks like our Customer Services team were able to resolve the issue you reported, but please let us know if you have any other issues.

Charlotte Mcmillan
Swivel base

Excellent quality, easy to fit, a great addition to our van build, which allows for extra space inside.

Vivaro Swivel Base - Mk2 (2014-2019) Model

Fitted the Kiravans swivel plate (Trafic/Vivaro Double Seat Swivel 2001-2014) to a 2015 (Mk2) Vivaro, and even with having to remove the spacers from the rear mountings (don't throw them away as you will need to reuse them with the swivel plate!) fitting only took about 30-mins. The studs used to secure the seat (front mountings) are too long and will interfere with the swivel mechanism, but these can be removed and replaced with M10x80mm bolts. All the studs/bolts originally used to secure the seat are high strength steel (11.9 grade), and if any bolts are replaced then best to use 11.9/12.9 grade bolts to minimise the risk of the swivel parting company from the floor in a collision!

The driver’s seat in my 2015 model has an armrest with integrated lumber support adjustment. The armrest interfered with the seat rotation, and operation wasn't as easy as I'd hoped (it worked, but it was a tight squeeze!), and I decided to also remove the armrest. This probably took much longer (!!), and with the seat upholstery unzipped at the back (needed to fit a #5 zip slider to get this unzipped) release the steel clip that secures the armrest to the shaft (it's a different arrangement from the Mk1 to get the armrest off), and with the armrest removed the armrest mounting and lumber adjustment mechanism can be unscrewed/removed.

With the armrest removed, the operation of the double seat swivel is now quick and easy, a fabulous addition to the campervan, and I wish I'd done it years ago!!

Gary, thanks for the detailed review. Glad you were able to make the 2001-2014 version fit a 2014+ model with a few modifications. I am obliged to remind people that this product is not safety tested in the 2014+ model.


Got a double passenger seat in your Vauxhall Vivaro? Now you can make it spin round to face the back of your campervan. 

transform the living space in your van without losing all the benefits of the bench seat in the front.

The swivel mechanism is very different to normal single swivels. It uses a cunning slide and swivel approach so you will need to open the side door to allow the full range of movement. The seat is held securely in position while driving by 4 x specially engineered locking bolts.


The Kiravans double seat swivel for these vans has passed seat belt anchorage safety tests conducted by STATUS (The Specialist Testing Facility at Manchester Met Uni) using a pull test on a specialist test rig to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC. You can print off a copy of the test certificate on this current page under 'downloads'. It has not yet been tested in vehicle or approved by TUV. We do intend to submit the swivel for these additional tests but at this stage do not have any concrete timescales.

Notes on fitting:

Fitting is even easier than the T5 model and only takes about 30 minutes. As these vehicles come with a seat-belt pre-tensioner system you do need to unplug one connection under the seat before turning (it only takes a few seconds). This needs to be plugged back in before driving off but your dashboard warning light will remind you if you forget. This product is also compatible with new models.


  • Self-levelling design to counteract sloping cab floor, making rotated seat actually comfortable to sit on!
  • High density, low friction 'glide layer' for ease of rotation.
  • External locking screws


  • 2001+ Vauxhall Vivaro vans (and all other van models in the (X83 range)
  • Designed for original seats
  • Compatible with the RIB single central driver's seat swivel
  • Not compatible with heated seats or built-in passenger airbags (due to cable connections)

Product Specification

  • Height Increase of your front seat with swivel fitted: 35mm


  • All nuts and bolts supplied

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