Thermo-Acoustic Foam - Self-adhesive Van Insulation

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Sound block / insulation

Excellent product for all your needs does wot it says on the tin
Would recommend this product 10/10 for me

Sticky situation

Excellent product, beware it sticks instantly like faeces to a blanket.
Super easy and use a roller to ensure adhesion.
Backing paper can be awkward to remove cleanly

Matthew H
Good insulation - annoying backing paper

Great insulation foam. Van is nice and toasty. Would be 5 stars if the backing paper wasnt so incredibly annoying, didn't come off cleanly like sound mat backing did (possibly due to foam being main material). We tried sharp scissors and new Stanley blades to try and improve this but sometimes still came off in strips. Made it a lot harder to use in tight hard to reach spaces. Can't fault Kiravans service and videos though, won't stop me from using them for other parts of build.

Steve Garner

I ordered 15m and I was sent 10m of 8mm thick and 5m of 7mm thick which was fine, no issues for me but I did find the 7mm to be better than the 8mm. The adhesive on both is, initially, VERY sticky but I found that the product itself is too stiff to successfully bond to anything other than a completely flat surface. The 7mm performed better but the 8mm just tries to resume it's natural flat shape and will pull away from any contours over a very short period of time. The warm weather makes the adhesive very tacky which is great for the initial stick but just don't expect it to be exactly where you left it when you come back later. It will re-stick but the heat of the sun, especially on the roof will see it pull away from the corrugations again. The aluminium foil layer doesn't hold adhesive foil tape for very long and it doesn't stick to itself as well as I thought either so if you want to double up be aware of this. The 7mm was better in both respects. I'm sure that it will be fine once the ply lining is up but if you are planning a gap between insulating and lining then prepare yourself .

Thanks for the review Steve. You are correct, the material is best placed on a flat surface rather than a corrugated one. We have switched our supply to use just one size, though there is a variance in thickness. The specified thickness is 8mm +/- 0.6mm

Carolyn Harker
Easy to Apply

On whole I've been really impressed with this product. I found it easy to apply. The kiravans video was helpful. You just need a stanley knife, with lots of fresh blades. The backer, does sometime rip whilst removing it. I found leaving it in the sunshine made it more malleable. I think a hairdryer would do the same. I have a Ford Custom High roof, I ordered 11m originally. Then ordered another 5m. I'm sure I'll have some left over, but 11m definitely wasn't quite enough.

Glenn Phillips
Top product

Very impressed with this product. As with most I watched the 'how to video' first but it really was easy to use and apply. I found the best way to cut was with a sharp stanley knife and a straight edge, this stopped the backing paper from splitting as this was happening when I used scissors to cut it. Just make sure it's in the right place before you stick it down because it dont want to come off once its adhered!
Would have no hesitation in purchasing again.
Thanks Kiravans!


This insulation foam is the second step in Kiravans 4-step lining system for ultimate warmth and comfort in your campervan.

1.  Sound Blocker
2. Thermo-Acoustic Foam
3. Thermal Fill Insulation
4. Stretch Lining Carpet 

We've used similar products in our own vans for several years and always found this the easiest, most satisfying method of insulating our vans. Thermo-acoustic foam has both sound-proofing and thermal insulation properties to make your van quieter and warmer and it can be applied to van walls, roofs and floors in either a single layer or multiple layers, where space allows.

It provides an amazing amount of acoustic insulation - you'll hear the difference the first time you drive after installing the thermo acoustic van insulation. 

How much will i need?

Typically a Short wheel base T5 requires 10 metres for the roof, walls and floor.

Our thermal insulation is sold as 3 different options:- 1-metre piece (eg. order a quantity of 3 and you will receive 3m in 3 x 1m pieces). 5-metre piece (eg. order a quantity of 3 and you will receive 15m in 3 x 5m pieces) or a 10-metre roll (eg. order a quantity of 3 & you will receive 30m in 3 x 10m rolls)


  • 7-8mm thickness: Low U value reduces heat loss
  • Self-adhesive: With high temperature glue so it will not peel away in hot weather
  • Foil-backed: Helps to reflect heat back into the van
  • Closed-cell foam: It will not absorb any moisture from condensation
  • Easily cut with a Stanley knife


  • Roll width: 106cm. 
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.040 W/mK
  • Water absorption: 0.40%
  • Density: 35Kg/m3
  • Tensile Strength: 250Kpa
  • Tear Strength: 1.5kN/m
  • Elongation to Break: 90%
  • Compression distortion: 10%
  • Tested to Federal motor vehicles spec FMVSS302.

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