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Certified RIB seat installation system by Kiravans

Introducing Kiravans latest new design to make your campervan conversion better, cheaper, easier & safer.


Our fitting system for RIB seats has been pull tested with a 112cm RIB seat, in-vehicle, to the latest EC safety standards at STATUS Lab and witnessed by TUV Deutschland. It passed with rock-solid performance. 

We even did the test using a RIB seat with a slider mechanism fitted as this makes the seat heavier & the test forces higher. You can read more about the test procedure in our Resource Centre



These tests are obviously only conducted on a single seat and fitting system, it is then the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that the actual production models are identical (and that a 'beefed up' version was not used for testing!). Kiravan's production systems and our contract manufacturer are ISO9001 Certified. This means that quality is built-in to our systems and manufacturing controls at every stage of the process. The RIB seat we tested was a standard production model. 

Our under floor reinforcing system is manufactured from unusually thick steel and is formed into a non-standard box section profile so that it fits between the floor of your van and the spare wheel. We powder coat the assembly for long life protection and include corrosion resistant zinc plated fixings.



IMPORTANT NOTE: The RIB Fitting Kit is specifically designed to work with seats supplied by Kiravans. If you have a seat from another supplier it is very likely that the legs & mounting holes are not in exactly the same location as seats supplied by Kiravans - In which case you need to check the measurements before drilling lots of holes in your van floor.

The Kiravan's Installation Kit includes all the high-tensile steel nuts, bolts & washers you will need to complete your installation.

Installation of the RIB seat should take about half a day if you have the right tools to hand.

Full step-by-step instructions with photos are included. In brief, the process is:

  1. Remove the plastic under-van covers and drop down the rear end of your exhaust pipe.
  2. Bolt the Kiravans under floor bracket to your chassis (exact locations are defined in the instructions).
  3. Drill up from beneath the van using the pre-drilled holes in the bracket as a guide.
  4. Place your seat over these holes and drop the two central rear bolts down.
  5. Mark the forward mounting holes from above using the RIB seats reinforced bolt holes as your guide.
  6. Move the seat aside and drill down for these forward bolts.
  7. Re-position the seat and drop all the bolts through, then fit washers and nuts.
  8. That's it.

All RIB Seats bought through Kiravans have 2 sets of front mounting holes - so that long and short length beds are equally straight forward to fit in both SWB and LWB models.



All Kiravans fitting systems come with a certificate to prove that you have used a tested system to fit your seat into your campervan. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Kiravans system has NOT been homologated by UTAC or TUV. It will not be possible to get your vehicle homologated in France or Germany with this system.

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Customer Reviews
You're reviewing: Certified RIB seat installation system by Kiravans
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Certificates & Fitting guides

Certified RIB seat installation system by Kiravans

Certified RIB seat installation system by Kiravans Introducing Kiravans latest new design to make your campervan conversion better, cheaper, easier & safer. KIRAVANS RIB FITTING K ... Read More
£99.00 £82.50
Manufacturer: Kiravans
Kit Includes: Fixings, Installation guide with photos, Certificate
Compatibility: tested only with 112cm RIB seats, but could be adapted for fitting a wider seat

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