What electrical wiring do I need for my campervan conversion?  A very common question indeed....

For those customers who are familiar with Kiravans, you’ll know that we've always sold appliances and charging systems for campervan conversions, but we had always chosen to steer clear of the actual cabling itself.  For the very reason that it felt like the auto electrical market was already very well supplied.

However, over time, more and more customers have been asking for advice on what cable to use in their vans for various jobs. The internet is very much overwhelmed by lots of information coming from all directions.  An electrical system is such a vital part of any van build, so we wanted to get it right and make it clear and simple for our customers.

It seemed like there was a gap in the campervan conversion market to supply more appropriate cable lengths and pack sizes for the DIY converter who is working on a single campervan conversion. From talking to our customers it was apparent that we needed to simplify the choices for our customers as well as help them to save money and avoid extra delivery costs for them too. 

We only supply products that we recommend and know works for your campervan build: including twin core PVC automotive cable, which is suitable for general wiring in campervans such as lighting sockets; single core red automotive cable, suitable for split charge relays; ring automotive crimp terminal crimps; and male and female connectors, to name but a few.

With Kiravans you can be sure that the components are appropriate for the job and you can save yourself the heartache of trying to understand all the technical language on auto electrical websites because we’ve tried to do this for you. 

Happy shopping and let us know if you need any further advice...we’re always happy to help.