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Hi, this is the Dometic CB40 top loading fridge, designed to go into a camper van or a boat or somewhere similar with confined space. Some people prefer the top loading fridge because it either fits better into their design or they like the fact that the top hinges up and therefore all the cold air stays inside every time you open the fridge.

It's also very easy to keep, to clean, it's just like a giant cool box. You just wipe it out. There's not lots of bits of plastic in there to get in the way or get damaged. It's simply got one basket, which is removable and you can lay out your stuff however you want in there.

This one has got the compressor fitted underneath so it will fit beside your kitchen unit over your wheel arch in a VW van very well for example. With the lid that is removable, usually what happens is you cut out a piece of your worktop to fit and you hinge that to your furniture unit so when you want to open up the top the whole lot just hinges up and you end up not seeing this you just see the top of your work top. The compressor is also because it's removable you can take it off and mount it up to I think it's a meter and a half away from the actual fridge, if that works better for your design.

Very simple control it's simply got a knob to turn it from warm to cold if you put it to the coldest it'll turn it into a freezer if you have it somewhere in the middle your colder items will be at the bottom that's where the cooling plate is and in terms of loading capacity, you can put in standard one and a half litre bottles, bottles of wine, plenty of room for those.

Let's see, if I take that basket out just to see what'll fit in. Put in eight cans of drink very easily six bottles of water, four beers and there's still, there's loads of space in there still, it's very usable. So yeah, you can pack it all in.

One of the down sides is that you've gotta move stuff around a little bit to get it in and out and the other down side, obviously, is if this is your work top, then every time you wanna get something out of the fridge you can't use this for anything else, you'll have to keep it clear, keep things moving.

But that's it, that's the top loading fridge from Dometic, forty litres in volume, pretty versatile, very easy to keep and will really suit some peoples' designs. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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