Kiravans HT120 High Temp Spray Adhesive


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Hi guys, Mike here from Kiravans and today we're looking at Kiravans HT120 high temperature glue. This is a spray adhesive, really useful when you come to line your campervan, sticking on this carpet lining onto either plywood panels or onto the metal work of the van as well, really good for that.

The HT bit stands for high temperature which means if your van gets really hot in summer, the glue's not gonna melt and fall off like some adhesives. So well worth using this stuff. Very easy to use. I'll do a quick demo.

Stick this bit of carpet onto this bit of plywood. So first of all, an even coat on the plywood like that. Same again on the carpet. And then you're meant to let it flash off, as they call it, for a minute or two. It's really just to let the solvent evaporate. I haven't got a minute or two here so I can feel that's touch-dry. That's still a little bit tacky but for the purposes of this, I shall show you what happens next.

We simply, if this was a big panel you're better off to start at one edge and then smooth it down, just using your hand like that. Okay and then you wanna go 'round and just do another spray around all the edges of the panels that you're using. And then it's simply a matter of folding that in. Obviously you leave it a little bit longer than I have. And a little tip for the corners when you come to do your corners, if you cut that at a 45 there and cut that at a 45 and just leave yourself a little strip in the corner there, then when you come to wrap that one and wrap that one. If you've got a Stanley knife you can just remove a little bit more material and then you can pull that down into the corner to give you that nice finish there.

Okay, so that's how it works on panels. Same again if you're doing the metal work inside your van. Spray the metal work, spray the carpet and then gradually work it on. It'll go around any sorta shapes that you want, you just have to remove some v-notches usually. If you wanna double sure it's not gonna come undone, you can stick a few staples around inside as well. And I just thought to show you the actual strength of this I'll give you a quick demo.

That's a homemade dumbbell, I think it weighs about five kilos. So let's just see what the grab strength of this stuff is. Hope this works. If I put some on there and some on there , right I'm gonna leave that for a minute, maybe a minute and a half and then we'll see how it goes. Okay, this has had a couple of minutes to dry off now. Basically, you gotta wait 'til it's touch-dry. That's touch-dried, so I got a bit of timber. Got a five kilo dumbbell, press it on. Let's see what happens. There you go. That shows you what sort of grab strength it's got. I can even tilt it.

Okay, so it's really strong stuff. It's not really designed for bonding heavy things but just to show you what it can do. So again, it's designed for things like headlining, carpet lining, any sort of material and it'll bond onto wood, metal.

The only thing it says in the instructions is don't put onto plasticised PVC. Apart from that, it's really versatile. I've used it from doing campervans to doing projects for the kids at school, making costumes. So really useful stuff. It's available at Thanks for watching, see you next time.

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