Kiravans Campervan Windows - Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our range of campervan windows which you may find useful for your may also have your own please feel free to contact us.

Will my campervan windows arrive damaged?

If you’re worried about window shipping then you really shouldn't be. We have invested in safe, bespoke packaging and insurance for all of our glass, so in the unlikely event of damage happening in transit, we will send you a replacement straightaway… no quibbles.

Are Kiravans windows genuine VW windows?

Our windows are aftermarket windows produced in the manufacturing town of Bursa in Turkey. We do not sell genuine VW windows because these windows are made to fit factory standard window vans, whereas our campervan windows are specifically designed for panel van conversions...they have a slightly broader ceramic band printed around the outside edge of the glass to allow for the different ‘cut-out’ size in a panel van conversion.

Do campervan windows leak?

In extremely rare cases you may experience a leaky campervan window, especially if they have been installed incorrectly. Please check the following points before removing/replacing your window.  Over the years working with after-market windows these are the most common causes we have seen:

  1. The window sliding mechanism cannot be 100% waterproof as it needs to open and close.  On the sliding rail are two drainage tubes which catch any water from the rails and drain it at the bottom edge.  This can get blocked after a time, meaning the water can’t escape.  With this in mind, it is worth dropping a small amount of water on the bottom rail to see if it runs through the drainage tubes.  If the water doesn’t drain then the tubes will need unblocking.
  2. If the van is facing uphill all water should flow down the bottom rail and drain out the back, however, if the end stop/plug is not sealed properly this can also cause a leak.
  3. Check for an incomplete seal between the window and van. The only way to fix this would be to remove the window and reseal it.

Can I put a ‘Fake Window’ in the rear quarter of my van?

You can use a tinted, privacy glass window in the rear right corner if you wish - this will make your van look less like a panel van. If your campervan already has a dark painted finish, then once the window is attached, you are unlikely to see the painted bodywork through the window. If your van has light coloured paintwork then there are two options. You can either paint the bodywork behind the window black or apply vinyl to the bodywork or to the back of the window (in the second case you will need to leave a small gap at the bottom of your window when sealing, to prevent bubbling of the paintwork).

How can I reduce condensation in my campervan?

There are a few things you can do to help reduce condensation.  

Use an internal or external window silver screen on your windscreen at night. Not only do they help insulate your camper and retain as much heat as possible - they have a massive impact on condensation levels. Similarly, curtains in the back of your van will reduce condensation a lot.

Your van will still get condensation on the windows - it's just a single layer of glazing. With a hot, breathing, family inside condensation will happen…

Normally, you’ll clear the condensation while away camping by simply opening the windows or turning on your heating. But, to feel like a pro, carry an old tea-towel to wipe the windows down in the morning. Low-tech is good.

One simple tip outside of camping season is to get hold of some large silica gel bags. Most of you will find mini silica bags in shoe boxes and packaging but they are more useful than you think...they really do help to absorb moisture from the air. Pop a couple of the large bags in your van and you will find that they help to reduce condensation.

How do I fit a campervan window?

Fear not… we have a really useful Kiravans ‘How to Fit VW T5 T6 Campervan Windows’ installation video for you to watch.  We take you step-by-step through the campervan window fitting process and will arm you with all the necessary hints, tips, tricks and instructions you’ll need to give it a go yourself.  

Take a look at Kiravans where you’ll find all of our recommended windows and window fitting products that we’ve carefully selected for you to enjoy and make the most of your campervan for many years to come.