Kiravans Double Seat Swivel Buyer’s Guide

Kiravans campervan double seat swivel base

Hello, and welcome to our double seat swivel base buying guide.

Today, there are a number of different seat swivel designs to choose from and we appreciate how difficult it is for you to compare and choose the right option for you. So, for this very reason, we’ve put together some important information on how to choose the right double seat swivel for your campervan conversion, and how to get the most out of it once it’s fitted in your van.

First of all, you probably chose your van for its quality, durability and style. So, you probably also know that the long term value of your investment will only be maintained if you fit quality components…right?

Time and time again we see good vans being spoiled with cheap parts - it's such a shame! The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ comes into effect here, but it’s not always about the price…it’s also about the quality and value for money you receive from the products you invest in.

A little bit of background…

Kiravans invented the original VW double seat swivel back in 2008.  

Over the years we have refined our design so we can confidently say that we are 100% confident in our product.  We are unique in the fact that we also manufacture some of the sub components for the swivel ourselves, including ultra tough fibreglass-filled plastic knobs and super strong stainless steel locking bolt shafts to avoid corrosion.  We found that off-the-shelf parts simply weren’t up to the rigours of campervan life.

Kiravans VW double seat swivel base

What are the benefits of a swivel seat?

It's all about getting social and creating more usable living space in the back of your van. 

With the double swivel, you get to keep your three seats in the front of your van, but in no time at all you can release and spin your front seats to face into the living area. Giving you plenty of space to spend time in and socialise. 

Thousands of happy customers agree that this brilliant, rattle-free van upgrade offers superb quality and great functionality for comfort and ease of use, and really helps to open up the living space while retaining all the benefits of having three belted front seats. 

Are swivel seats safe?

The Kiravans VW T5/T6 Double Seat Swivel is fully safety tested, passing all the requirements of TUV Deutschland. This involved 'in vehicle' pull testing and a SLED test over the water in Germany.

In the UK it has been tested to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC. Our swivel base has passed seat belt anchorage safety tests conducted by STATUS (The Specialist Testing Facility at Manchester Met Uni) using a pull test on a specialist test rig to EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EEC.  

Our seat swivel base is design protected and only available to buy through Kiravans to ensure safety and quality is maintained.  

It’s important to note that not all swivels are safety tested. If you see a cheaper design elsewhere that has been ‘inspired’ by our swivel, please be aware that it may not come with the necessary safety certification. 

Why choose a Kiravans double swivel seat base?

We are the designers, manufacturers and distributors - you’re not dealing with a third party so you cut out the middleman and be assured of our sound product and installation knowledge should you need any support.

Our exclusive ‘‘Designed by Kiravans’ Double Passenger Seat Swivel (RHD/LHD) is compatible with VW T4, VW T5/T6, Vivaro / Trafic (2001-2014), Ford Transit 3rd Gen (2006- 2013), Renault Trafic (3rd Generation 2014+), Vauxhall Vivaro (3rd Generation 2014+), Nissan NV300 (2014+) and Fiat Talento (2016-2019).

We've been making them for more than a decade and you've probably seen the phenomenal reviews our swivel gets from real customers. The truth is that we really believe this will be the best product you’ll invest in your van. Cheap copy products are a false economy that you'll regret later. When you buy a Kiravans swivel you will be increasing the value of your van and ensuring the safety of your passengers. Design matters, quality matters, and service matters. We think they are all worth a few quid extra!

There are now tens-of-thousands of campervans around the UK & Europe fitted with our Double Seat Swivel because they are…

Easy to fit

Of course it depends on your own skill level to some degree, but honestly the swivel can be fitted by anyone.  Check out our handy ‘How to’ video where we show you the steps. Typically we reckon it will take you about 30 minutes to fit the swivel. 

When you’re ready to buy, we also have a multilingual fitting guide too.

If you have any questions what-so-ever about the fitting process please do give us a call we're very happy to talk you through it in person, on zoom, WhatsApp - anything to help really.

Well engineered

Time after time we get reviews from customers mentioning how well engineered our swivel is. We have to give the credit for that to our specialist manufacturers here in the UK - they really are very good. Laser cutters, multi-press folding machines, bespoke welding clamps & experienced welders all contribute to the excellent build quality. We only work with the best suppliers so we can guarantee quality is maintained.

Small things make all the difference between a product that is just 'made' and one that is 'designed'.



  • We use wavey washers (not flat ones) on the safety bolts - to add a little 'spring' to the locking action.
  • Our bolts are machined with a chamfer on the end - to help align the bolt with its nut when you secure the seat for travelling.
  • Our locking bolts are outside the seat which means you can easily access the bolts to swivel your seat.  Some designs have locking bolts on the inside which means you have to empty your seat base before rotating your seat.
  • We slot two 4mm steel 'braces'  through the rear of the top plate - to minimise any tipping-forward movement in case of an accident. So your passengers stay safe.
  • The lower plate has an inverted U design - so there is ample room to hide away the cables and plugs that VW normally fit into your seat base without damaging them.
  • Our seat base lining plate and carpet are included with every swivel - to ensure that the kit you store inside the seat stays clean and rattle free.
  • Locking knobs made to our own design with reinforcing fins - to be super strong, they really need to last for the life of your van.
  • The easy glide layer uses Tivar 1000 instead of standard nylon - it has a much higher resistance to scratching, keeping the spinning motion smooth for years.
  • By creating bends in the steel plate, rather than welding on box sections,  we achieve the necessary strength without adding loads of extra weight. Because other designs use flat sheet steel with welded on square section tubing it makes the base heavier, clunkier and lifts the seat level higher once fitted.

Kiravans double swivel seat base customer reviewKiravans Renault trafic double swivel seat base customer review

Feels safe

"Reassuringly Solid" - that's one of the most common things we hear from customers. And it matters.

We know you want to keep your loved ones safe. That's why we don't launch a product until we know it is up to the job.

Kiravans Campervan Double Seat Swivel Base Plate

Easy to use

You want to enjoy your campervan trips - they need to be a relaxing, hassle free experience. That's why we put the four safety bolts on the outside of your seat base. With this arrangement you can keep your essentials inside the seat base and you won't have to take them out every time you want to spin the seat around. That would be really annoying!

There is, of course, a 'nack' to spinning the seat around but with a couple of practice sessions you'll get the hang of it very quickly.

If you want to learn more about the operation and general maintenance of the Kiravans double seat swivel base then watch this video.

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