Hot News!  New Products Now In!

We have a strong focus on the innovation of high quality, useful campervan conversion products and we are always developing our exclusive ‘Designed by Kiravans’ collection, as well as bringing you the best products from our preferred suppliers.

With a whole host of new products available at Kiravans this Spring Summer, ready for the 2022 campervan conversion season, it’s time to spruce up your van with something new.

A Smooth Transition

We've got a nifty VW T5 T6 Handbrake Lowering Kit that will stop your swivel seat base crashing into your handbrake when you rotate your seat.  

As always we wanted to create something that was easy to fit, especially with the help of our ‘How to’ fitting video guide.  It’s produced in vacuum-formed plastic to look factory made and includes all the nuts, bolts and cable protection you need to fit it in 10 minutes. 

Even more great news… It's compatible with every single swivel on the market and our own exclusive ‘Designed by Kiravans’ Double Seat Swivel Base Plate. 

Clamping Down

If you want to secure your leisure battery under your driver’s seat then you need our VW T5/T6 Battery Clamp to hold your 12v battery in place using the batteries feet. 

Our flexible design works with lead acid, AGM or lithium batteries and means you can fit your battery standing up or lying on its side.

Kiravans VW T5/T6 Battery Clamp

Underseat Organisation

It’s not about ‘out of sight out of mind’...we’ve thought about the organisation in your van from the van doors to under the seats.

Here’s a great pair of VW T5 T6 Under Seat Accessory Holder Brackets to allow you to mount accessories under your single driver or passenger seat without drilling into your seat base or floor! A brilliant accessory if you want to keep your van in original OEM condition.

We’ve designed it so it’s compatible to hold battery chargers, fuse housings, cable management, and lots more. 

Kiravans VW T5 T6 Under Seat Accessory Holder Brackets

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Typically VW T5 T6 vans come with either no trim (which looks a bit naff), or an oversized piece of plastic that wraps up over the top of the OEM seat base and can cause problems when fitting a seat swivel. We figured it was time to turn our attention to making a tidy little plastic cover to go on the back of your seat base.  We wanted to create a design that was fit for purpose and finished off the van nicely once your swivel is fitted. 

Compatible for both the driver and passenger side, UK and EU van models, our panel is also removable and has the space for attaching electrical components like control panels, CBE accessories and the outlets for our MV Airo Diesel Heater fits nicely too!

Kiravans VW T5 T6 Single Seat Rear Trim

Add Some Class to your Glass

We’ve further extended our bonded tinted privacy window collection to include Premium Barn Door Windows Ford Transit Custom 2013+.

Our tempered windows are just the ticket for adding both privacy and style to your van conversion, as well as automatic window locks for a good level of security.

Don’t worry about window shipping either! We have designed our own extra strong packaging where the glass is suspended away from the box edges for extra protection when it’s out on the road.  Not only that but we insure all of our glass anyway, just in case :) 

Kiravans Premium Barn Door Windows Ford Transit Custom 2013+

Tidy Travels

Supersize your campervan storage power with our exclusive ‘’Designed by Kiravans’ DoorStore Collection. The DoorStore came from the simple idea of finding a way to gain extra van storage without compromising on internal space.  It simply uses the redundant door cavities and has multiple, useful storage pockets.

We’ve been working really hard to keep up with the ongoing demands to fit the DoorStore in additional van types, so we’re excited to launch these new additions this Spring Summer!

  • Kiravans VW T5/T6 DoorStore - Left Sliding Door (2nd Edition)
  • Kiravans VW T5/T6 PanelStore - Right Fixed Panel (2nd Edition)

    The NEW 2nd Edition DoorStore and PanelStore for the VW T5 / T6 is now in black.  A new and improved design with recessed holes for the fixing clips and smooth edges that curve into the panel for a neat OEM finish.

    Kiravans VW T5/T6 DoorStore (2nd Edition)

    Kiravans VW T5/T6 PanelStore (2nd Edition)

    Want more? 

    Drum roll please…. :) 

    COMING SOON - End of July 2022

    Due to popular demand, our latest announcement is that we are soon to be launching the NEW VW T4 DoorStore (2nd Edition).  It’s in production now and it’ll be live on the website as soon as it’s available.

    Time for an Upgrade?

    Our precision cut VW T5/T6, Ford Transit Custom, Trafic, Vivaro and Talento campervan cab mats are a quick, simple and luxurious upgrade for your van.

    We have different styles of cab, mid and cool little side step mats which will suit different types of seating options in your van. 

    We have cab mats suitable for both left and right hand drive and designs suitable to work with our Kiravans Double Seat Swivel, 1+2 fixed seats as well as 2 single seats.  All perfectly cut to fit the cab and made from a quality, hard wearing carpet with some great features. 

    Our cab mats not only have great visual benefits but they are also good for added warmth, sound insulation, comfort and makes your campervan much easier to keep clean. Simply pop these in your van for an instant upgrade.

    A New Perspective

    Over the years we have refined our campervan double swivel seat base design so we can confidently say that we are 100% confident in our product.  Most recently we have launched our X82 Vivaro / Trafic / Talento / NV300 Double Passenger Seat Swivel.

    Designed to easily transform and open up the living space in your van and easy enough for you to install at home in about 30 minutes! 

    Kiravans Double Seat Swivel

    Our 5 star reviews demonstrate how well engineered our rattle-free swivel bases are.  We have to give the credit for that to our specialist manufacturers here in the UK - they really are top class and ensure top build quality. Working with only the best suppliers means that we can guarantee quality and safety is maintained.

    Setting the Right Mood

    Campervan lighting is a relatively cheap investment but can make a huge impact on the overall comfort and convenience of spending time in your campervan. Having ample light will help to reduce the feelings of living in a small, dark box!

    We have added to our lighting collection including recessed and cone spotlights in a variety of colours, designs and finishes, which means you can have some real fun and be clever with your interior design.

    All of our campervan lighting has been designed to fit smaller spaces, but will still give you the efficient lighting that you will need to effectively light up your campervan and make it a home away from home.

    Kiravans White 3W 18 LED Recessed Light with Frosted Lens - No Switch (Warm White)Kiravans Black LED Tulip Spotlight with USB - Dimmable, Touch On/Off (Warm White)

    Dress your Van for Adventure

    When the pooch refuses to wipe his paws when he jumps in the van, you can be sure to keep your van seats looking like new with our great new range of hand-tailored, waterproof campervan seat covers.  These seat covers are extra strong, smart and designed to handle the toughest of campervan adventures.

    Each seat cover is designed to perfectly fit a number of specific van models including the VW T5/T6 and Trafic (2014+), Vivaro (2014-2018) and Ford Transit Custom.

    Remember, these also make a stand-out gift for that campervan lover in your life!

    Self-Build Conversion Kit

    Our mission is to design and source better gear, to help you convert your van with greater ease, speed, convenience and confidence. And, that is why we’ve launched a new tool kit that has everything you need to help you insulate and carpet line your van.  It’s the perfect add on if you’re buying one of our insulation and carpet lining bundles.

    The Lining Kit Tool bundle will save you a job searching for and buying individual tools for this process and includes a Spear & Jackson Dual Blade Trimming Knife and Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Scissors.  There’s also some additional knife blades thrown in as you’re sure to need them!

    Kiravans Lining Kit Tools

    Check out Kiravans for our full range of quality campervan conversion products and helpful installation video guides, so you can start building your dream adventure today.

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