Essential Campervan Lifestyle Guide

Spending time with your family outdoors and soaking up nature is a wonderful experience and will create many happy memories. We believe that life is better when you spend time’s good for lowering stress levels, improves sleep and happiness and has many more health benefits.

Holidays in your campervan can be a great adventure and there are many innovative products and superb gear you’ll need to make your holiday as easy and as comfortable as possible...a home away from home. 

It is possible to camp in style and there is some great campervanning equipment out there, including Awnings, Portable Camping BBQs, Campervan Storage and much more! 

So, whether you’re preparing for your next festival or camping with family or friends...if you’re new to camping or you simply need a little bit of inspiration of what lifestyle products are out there in the camping world today...we’ve got all the essential kit, knowledge and expertise to get you there and to take the stress out of camping.

Tents & Awnings

Rain or shine, a tent, awning or gazebo is the perfect way to expand your living and storage space when camping.  Not only do they look fantastic, but they provide additional living, sleeping or storage space to relax and enjoy your camping holiday.

There are many tents, awnings and gazebo styles to choose from.  It just depends on what you need...that is why we’re here to help you decide what is best for you.

Different styles and designs mean you can enjoy a whole host of benefits such as windows to take in the views, ventilation to improve airflow and reduce moisture vapour and a lightweight but stable framework that means it’s incredibly light to carry and is fast to put up. So, if you’re looking to create additional, functional living and social space, you might want to consider one of the following designs.

Driveaway Awning has been designed to make camping easier and provides a weatherproof connection from van to awning. Because the back wall of the awning closes too, you can simply release the awning from the vehicle and drive off for the day, so you can do all the sight seeing you need, leaving your awning still perfectly pitched in solves the problem of having to pack up each day which can be an unnecessary pain.  Some come with a carpet, some without, but you can buy a mat separately if you need one.

Tailgate Tent is a frameless system that is designed to give your VW T5 / T6 extra living space and fits to the rear of your campervan.  Designs are light and easy to assemble and on some designs all three sides can roll which means that you can open it all up to create a great gazebo when the weather is dry.

Gazebo is simply a freestanding, open-sided tent with a roof that is super light and quick and easy to assemble.  Offering excellent, versatile functionality, it is great to use in your garden or on camping holidays if and when you need protection from sunshine and showers.  A gazebo really does offer you a great social space for when you’re at home or away.

Storage Tent is the ideal solution to keeping your camping trip in order.  You’ll find a storage tent a really useful place to keep bikes, outdoor furniture, toys...anything you want!  Just close the door when not in use to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Cooking Tent is a brilliant idea to take away with you..perfect to use alongside any set up - campervan, tent, caravan or motorhome. When you go away you know how much tableware, cookware, kitchen accessories and food you need, so why not keep your main living space clutter and odour free, and make the most of having a freestanding cooking tent?  With plenty of ventilation, it is the perfect solution for cooking safely in a separate environment.


Wherever you go on holiday, you are going to need flexible and functional seating options and a camping chair or sofa will give you an instant outdoor seating solution.  Essential for relaxation and full-on sunbathing mode, there is a huge array of folding camping chairs and sofas on the market today, in all sorts of styles, colours and finishes. Terrific to take away with you and use in your garden at home, you can use them inside or outside whatever the weather.  Whatever you choose, it will give you a place to sit, relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Lightweight and foldable, means that you can easily pick it up and move it around very easily from inside to outside.  A folding chair or sofa really does give you total flexibility and the comfort you’ll need when sitting around the table to eat a family meal, enjoying the campfire in the evening or simply for relaxing any time of day or night.  Most designs also have handy cup holders built into the armrests too, so if you’re relaxing outside on a hot day with a refreshing drink, it’s a great feature.

You can buy classic outdoor folding chairs which offer a great balance between comfort and cost.  Typically engineered from a lightweight steel with a high back, padded armrests, and available in many different colours, an outdoor folding chair offers a convenient, sturdy seat and folds up to a compact size, making it easy to store away in your campervan or at home when not in use.

If you’re wanting a bit of luxury then there are some ergonomic, design-led folding chairs on the market which fold down flat so you can still store them away with ease.  Some come with an optional matching footrest and may have a comfortable headrest for enhanced enjoyment. These chairs can be reclined for better comfort so you can be fully upright when eating, halfway when relaxing and snuggling up with a good book, or fully back when you’re in need of a quick 40 winks.

Or, have you considered a Folding Sofa? A brilliant idea for camping enthusiasts where relaxation is top priority.  Designs may include integrated storage too, such as mesh storage pockets, ideal for newspapers, magazines and books. Simple and easy to use and store away when not in use, a camping sofa is a great way to elevate your camping experience.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor camping furniture can really improve your holiday if you have the right gear.

There is so much outdoor furniture to you need a foldable camping table, folding chairs, sofas and stools, a camping kitchen, cooking cabinet or foldable beds?

Camping tables come in all designs, formats, shapes and sizes. Do you need a small camping table to hold your cuppa or to play games on, or do you need a larger table for getting the family together at meal times? Lightweight, weather resistant and super easy to keep clean, camping tables can be used at home or away and are very easy to store away.  More traditional designs will have foldable legs so that the tables stores flat, more advanced designs can have a roll top table which detaches from the foldable legs and can have a super handy mesh shelf beneath the table top too.

Part of the fun of camping is cooking in the great outdoors, so whether your cooker is in your campervan or you have a separate cooking tent, a portable Cooking Cabinet offers some great features and benefits. With excellent internal shelf space within the cupboard, it is great for storing food, cutlery, cookware and dinner sets.  Designs may have either a fixed or removable worktop that you can use for food prep or simply pop your cooker on top, but either design will be very easy to keep clean.  Ventilation nets allow for important air circulation and a zipped door will keep bugs at bay. Some designs may also have a handy windbreak too, to help protect your cooker from the wind.  A camping cupboard is a really smart way to keep your holiday kitchen in order.

Kitchen & Tableware

The camping sector is saturated with outdoor tableware and kitchenware which you can pretty much buy anyway these days.  But, when it comes to camping you should consider investing in the highest quality tableware you can. This means you’ll be able to use it for many years and you won’t need to replace it as often.

Melamine dinnerware is incredibly durable, dependable and hard wearing, so it’s brilliant at withstanding many years of use and the inevitable knocks and bashes your tableware will receive when travelling and camping.

You can get a full melamine dining set with everything you need including bowls, plates, cups, mugs, cutlery, salad servers and other utensils.

With many benefits including durability and reliability, lightweight and travel friendly, lots of stylish colours and design patterns to suit your taste and campervan interior, and of course melamine is super easy to clean, stain resistant and is also much less susceptible to scratches. An anti-slip feature is also available on certain designs which is perfect to help stop unnecessary spillages… a great bonus if you have children.

A great alternative to glassware is to choose plastic Acrylic Polycarbonate...designs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes such as tumblers and stylish, traditional shaped wine glasses.  The beauty of this material means that any design is easy to store and safe to use because it will not crack or smash...making them the perfect choice for outdoor lifestyles and travel.

There is also a wide range of additional camping friendly kitchen accessories available such as cutting and chopping boards, salad servers, fold-away colanders, dish drainers and superb, lightweight pans and complete pan sets.

Camping Accessories

With a huge choice of camping equipment and accessories available you can buy literally anything you need from a travel hair dryer, folding steps, levelling jacks, alcove ladder to awning carpet and rubbish bins. Designed to make life a bit easier when you’re away from home.  It is still possible to have a little bit of luxury when camping, so it’s always worthwhile looking to invest in good quality equipment that will last a decent length of time. 

Check out Kiravans for our full range of quality campervan conversion products and equipment to make the most of your campervan adventures for many years to come.


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