PRODUCT RECALL: Dometic Cookers Warning & Recall (PI8022, PI8023, MO9722, MO9222)

Dometic Product Warning and Voluntary Recall

PI8022, PI8023, MO9722, MO9222


Dear Customer,

We have recently been alerted to a product warning and voluntary recall issued by Dometic, relating to some gas hobs that we sell, and which are very commonly used in campervans worldwide. If you use a Dometic gas hob in your van, regardless of whether you purchased it from us, from someone else, or if it came with your van when you bought it, we thought you would want to know about this issue.

The product warning and voluntary recall is due to a fault they have discovered in the gas tubes and gas regulators which they believe can cause a potential leakage of gas, with the obvious associated dangers this brings. The current announcement is available here:

Dometic has also issued us with a letter outlining the issue in a little more detail, explaining that they are working on a solution and will inform us when they have an update. We will of course also advise you as soon as we have an update. You can read this letter here:

At this point we can’t advise you any differently from the statement provided by Dometic that if you have one of the listed products, you should follow the instructions provided in the article, particularly with regard to shutting off the gas supply to your stove.

We are anticipating further detail from Dometic in due course. Our understanding is that Dometic plans to resolve this issue directly with the end user themselves and not through the retailers. We want to reassure you that if this changes we will work with Dometic to ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly as we can. Dometic is a large international company with a strong reputation to protect, so we see no reason why they wouldn’t work to resolve this issue as a priority.

While you are waiting to hear the full details of this recall, this would be a good time to look out the serial number of your product, so that you are prepared when more information is available. You can usually find the serial number on a label applied to the product. For the combi cooker & sink units the label is typically on the side-wall of your sink.

We do not have any additional information on this subject at this time, but we want to assure you that as soon as we have something useful to share with you, we will provide you with a full update and instructions on next steps.

Yours sincerely

Rob McC.

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