A Focus on the MV Airo Diesel Campervan Heater


If you’re reading this blog you are most likely at the starting point of planning your new campervan conversion, or you may simply want to add a system or upgrade your existing campervan heating solution? Either way, we’ll try and guide you through the benefits of installing a diesel heater.

It may be cold outside but inside your campervan you will be super cosy and comfortable! We believe that happy campervanning begins with keeping warm :)

Campervan heating will make a big difference to your time spent in your van. It’s hard to concentrate and relax if you get too cold, which doesn’t make for a very relaxing and comfortable environment.

Yes, you can try and keep nice and toasty with more traditional methods like wearing layers, wrapping up in big, heavy blankets and drinking gallons of warm drinks (that’s unless it’s too cold and your gas supply has frozen so you can’t even boil your kettle...yikes)!

Another thing to take into consideration is your potential lack of storage space in your van for the likes of surplus bulky clothing and blankets.  So, investing in a good campervan heating system is definitely worth it. 

Diesel heaters may be a significant investment, but you can’t really put a price on being able to operate your campervan all year round in absolute comfort, and the convenience of instant heat and superior heating performance makes the investment completely worth it!

How to install a campervan diesel heater

We’ve got a great campervan diesel heater installation video for you to watch below.

So, if you’re looking for a heating system for your camper conversion, then take a look at the MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and the only heater we sell. In our opinion it is the best diesel heater for a van you’ll need. The MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater is pretty much identical to an expensive Webasto Diesel Heater but with a lower cost of ownership, combined with it’s overall efficiency, we really do think this is the bees knees of campervan diesel heaters.

Trust us...you will never get bored by the novelty of having instant heat!  Having a heating system where the heater comes on 5-minutes before your alarm goes off is simply brilliant...a home away from home :)

Although it requires an extensive installation, there are multiple benefits that make the MV Airo Diesel Heater worth your time and energy:

  • Low current consumption
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Remote control available via SIM card of keyfob clicker
  • Much cheaper spare parts then other heater manufacturers
  • 2 years warranty
  • Very reliable
  • Able to operate in lower temperatures
  • Quickly and comfortably heats up your van with no need to run your engine
  • External ventilation means reduced condensation
  • Designed to be mounted inside or outside the vehicle, underneath the van floor. 
  • Our DIY campervan heating kits include a floor mounting plate and template so you know exactly where to drill any holes. We also stock a bracket for under-van mounting
  • Wherever your system is fitted, the combustion air and exhaust air are piped from outside the van so they are a very safe heating system to use in your campervan

We’ve supplied hundreds of these over the years and can count on one hand the number that have had any problems at all - they are incredibly reliable!

And to make it easier for our customers, we sell the complete installation kit, ready to fit inside or underneath your campervan. You’ll no doubt have seen cheaper models on ebay - just be aware that they don’t include all the bits and pieces you’ll need to actually install the thing and can be a real faff for you to find all the other bits and pieces you’ll need.

Why use a diesel heater over a gas heater?

Diesel fuel is the same internationally and available to purchase everywhere, so you don’t need to worry about your supply source. 

A diesel heater also allows you to heat your van whilst on the move without having the stress of having to search for gas bottle connectors for the different types of gas bottles which you’ll come across worldwide. 

Diesel is far more reliable too…gas heaters are known to cut out in very cold temperatures, but most of all this product will save you so much room and reduce weight in your campervan because you’ll have a fuel line straight from the fuel tank rather than having to store bulky gas bottles.

What if I need spare parts for my MV Airo 2KW Diesel Heater?

MV Heating are renowned to be extremely helpful and are able to get all parts delivered all over the UK the next day.  

Their website is extremely helpful if you need any technical support too. 

As you can see, installing a diesel heater into your campervan is a serious investment, but the benefits really do outweigh the negatives.  It gives you the flexibility to use your van 365 days of the year... so go ahead and plan your ski season away or an epic winter adventure!  Not only will it keep you nice and warm, if you have pets that also need protecting from the cold...it’s a really good idea and worthwhile purchase.

Here at Kiravans we like to advise you on our products or installation tips and advice because we really do want to make life easier for you. Take a look at our full range of campervan conversion kits over on our website.