RIB Mitsubishi Express (X82) Single Seat Swivel - Offset Driver (Right Hand Drive)

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RIB Vauxhall Vivaro 2014-2018 (X82 Mk2) Single Seat Swivel - Offset Driver (Right Hand Drive)

Easy to fit

Vivaro 2017 fitted drivers seat swivel. I had already fitted double seat swivel so by rotating double seat half way round. drivers seat turns with ease very happy with the outcome (fitted to crew cab twin doors my units will only intrude half way across sliding door aperture ). Time taken to fit 45 minutes instruction video very helpful.

Rowan Vernon
Needs a fair bit of fiddling

We also didn't receive any instructions, but managed to dig them up off the manufacturer's website. However, even then the swivel didn't actually miss the handbrake, so we've had to add an extra 5-6mm of washers to make it turn. And getting the seat to swivel past the steering wheel requires way more folding and adjusting of the seat and wheel than I'd expected, which could probably be sorted by moving the centre of rotation backwards an inch or two. On the other hand, the swivel itself is built like fort Knox and rotates very smoothly.

Good, almost perfect

If you added some instructions in the box that would have been the cherry on top but having to go print the french page off the website was a buit of a pain. Come on sort this out.
Also the big pins on the passenger side of the seat base needs to be grinded halfway off or it won't let the swivel turn around as it hits the lower plate, some instructions would have been great so I didn't have to take the seat out again.
Also I have some screws over I have no idea what they are for as it's not on the fench image. Minor things but if you're selling a great product these things are letting you down.

Hi Jac,

We hold our hands up on this, instructions are usually sent out in all our swivels. I can only apologies, please remember that Ben, Steve and Peter in our warehouse are busy guys and (not very often) mistakes can be made.
We do state that the fixing pin under the original slider has to be cut off and removed on our website so that it can swivel round.
We understand that things are not always self explanatory but we are available to ask any questions/queries either via email/chat/phone, if your not sure get in contact :)


heuresement que le produit est de qualité car le prix est élevé.

Of good quality, pity that the manual is not delivered with, it has to be cut 2 pins on the siege slides, a little galére but once mounted it works very well.


Manufactured in France by Scopema, the RIB swivel plate for campervans gets lots of praise on the various forums. In our own experience, we have found these seat swivels to be very robust and rattle-free.

The offset feature of this particular swivel means that the pivot point is offset from the centre by a few centimetres towards the handbrake side of their seat. This means that the seat finishes up facing backwards a bit further from the door. The main advantage is that seats with armrests will spin around more easily. If you have a double seat swivel on the passenger side you should choose the non-offset version, otherwise, there won't be enough room for both seats to swivel backwards.

To rotate the seat, the engine must be turned off, vehicle put in gear and the handbrake released temporarily. Once the seat is facing the rear re-engage handbrake. For seats fitted with up/down height adjustment, you will find that you probably need to pump up the seat height to allow the seat to rotate without the grey plastic trim around the base catching on anything.

Notes on fitting:

There are 2 fixing pins under the original slider that will need to to be cut off and removed. Please also note on some vans it appears that the plastic handbrake covering rubs on the swivel and may need to be removed.


  • Swivel plate fits between the base and seat slider rails on normal seats
  • Automatically locks in place facing forward for driving
  • Pivot point is located offset from the centre so seats with armrests spin better
  • European TUV safety approval


  • X82 Vauxhall Vivaro 2014-2018 (Mk2) & Renault Trafic 2014+ (3rd Gen) & Fiat Talento 2016-2022 & Nissan NV300/Primastar 2014+ & Mitsubishi Express
  • Compatible with heated seats and airbags (wires can pass through the centre)
  • Not compatible with double swivels

Product Specification

  • Seat height increase: Approx 43mm
  • Safety: European TUV safety approval


  • Swivel plate
  • Bolts to fit standard seat boxes


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