All leisure batteries sold at Kiravans are manufactured to high standards and come with a warranty. The warranty period for each battery is different and listed in the product description. You don't need to register your warranty.

Batteries are guaranteed against premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only. In the event of such battery failure our Customer Service team will help resolve any unlikely issues promptly.

Warranty Information:

  • Warranty period is as listed in the product description on our website
  • Warranty covers premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only
  • Warranty is valid only to the purchaser of the battery and is not transferable
  • Warranty does not cover wear and tear, misuses and negligence either before or during use
  • Warranty does not cover sulphation – The chemical reaction caused by a battery being left in a discharged state
  • Warranty does not cover failure as a result of under, overcharging or any other charging problems. You must ensure your charging regime matches the type of battery purchased. Details of your charger will be required in the event of a warranty claim. Should your charging regime not match your battery type then the claim will be void.
  • Warranty does not cover the loss of capacity over a period of time due to deep cycling over 50% depth of discharge. The warranty period on your battery does not guarantee capacity running times over the course of the warranty. Reduced running times on your battery will in most cases be caused by the battery achieving it’s designed cyclic lifespan. Depending on the conditions placed on the battery this is subjective and is determined differently from user to user.
  • Failure if the battery is paired with other batteries not bought from us in the same setup and of the same capacity
  • Failure due to incorrect application. For example, low cyclic batteries used in a high cyclic environment.

In the event of a warranty claim, all batteries are to be returned to us and we will arrange to have the battery tested. This is the responsibility of the customer not Kiravans.

We can provide a collection service at the current courier’s rate. Please get in touch for the cost of this. Should your battery be found faulty, the cost will be reimbursed to you and a replacement battery sent.

Did You Know?

Over 90% of warranty claims within the battery industry are due to a fault with the following:

  • Vehicle malfunction,
  • Charger malfunction,
  • Negligence and incorrect application.

Modern battery manufacturing has moved on significantly and the rate of battery failure due to manufacturing defects has been reduced to around as little as 1.5%.

So provided the right battery is used in the right application, the chances of you having a battery problem will be minimal. All batteries have a finite lifespan which is governed by the conditions under which the battery operates.

Batteries caused by sulphation, wear and tear, over charging, under charging and deep cycling are not manufacturing faults and are not covered by the warranty.

For help and advice regarding maintaining your battery please read the battery maintenance section.

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