No Quibble Promise. We don't believe anyone else in our industry comes close to offering the same promise. Would you believe we dont even have a 400 word returns policy? It's just 2 words; No Quibbles. Thats it. We treat our customers with respect.. and we hope that you trust us in return.

Fantastic Customer Service. It's in Kiravans DNA. As a bunch of enthusiastic, professional Yorkshire people (and 1 Scotsman living in Munich), our customer service team have a straight forward approach to problem solving. If you have a question or need advice about your fridge we're here to help. Just give us a call on 0113 804 2125 or use the live chat button. If we know the answer we'll tell you, if not we'll find out out for you.

We've been specialist suppliers of campervan kit for 15 years now. We know what we're doing. We're not a campervan converter selling a few fridges on the side. Nor are we a big e-commerce company shifting fridges alongside toasters & fidget spinners. We know how to get your fridge packaged, shipped and delivered to you safely, securely, reliably and fast. 


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