Why do we charge this price for double seat swivels?

If you're decision is 100% price-based then we suggest a trawl through eBay where you'll find a number of metal fabricators that have been 'inspired' by our original design. Fit one of their swivels and yup your seat will almost certainly spin round reasonably well.

But first let me explain why safety, accuracy of manufacturing and reliability have a cost.... before you make up your mind.


You probably chose your VW for its quality, durability and style. So you probably also know that the long term value of your investment will only be maintained if you fit quality components.

Time and time again we see good vans kitted out and spoilt with cheap parts - it's such a shame!

Kiravans designed the original Double Seat Swivel. We've been making them for more than a decade and you've probably seen the phenomenal reviews our swivel gets from real customers so I'm not going to make you read about our commitment to quality and service yet again... The reviews are real and unfiltered.

The truth is that we really believe this will be the best £329 you invest in your van. Don't squander your investment in the van by being one of those people who install cheap copy products, it's just a false economy that you'll regret later.

The important thing is not the smug feeling you will get in the short term from saving a few £'s... but the feeling you will have in the years ahead, when you think about the small cost difference between a premium quality Kiravans swivel & the other rattly ones 'inspired by' our original design.

When you buy a Kiravans swivel you will be increasing the value of your van and ensuring the safety of your passengers. Design matters, quality matters, and service matters. We think they are all worth a few quid extra! :)

Do you agree?