RIB Seats for Campervan Conversions Are No Longer Available at Kiravans

Looking for RIB campervan seats? For several years Kiravans was the largest distributor of campervan seats by RIB (aka Scopema) but in mid 2019 we took the decision to stop supplying the range.

Essentially, we found that we simply could not justify holding large numbers of bulky seats in our warehouse. Around the same time, RIB also increased their lead time on made-to-order seats so the option of supplying bespoke seats for individual customers became quite impractical.

After many years of working with the team at RIB it was a tough decision for us to make, but we do think it was the right call for us. We continue to stock a large number of RIB seat swivels and still recommend the RIB camper beds to our customers.

Our RIB fitting kit is still a big seller, so if you're ordering up a bench-seat from one of the current RIB seat importers do keep a lookout for the big red bar... we make that :-)

Take a look at our fantastic range of RIB Seat Swivels for a wide range of camping vans including VW campervans and make your campervan conversion more enjoyable and practical.


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