Kiravans COVID-19 Update - 3rd April

It’s that time of week again where we check in with you all, update you on any developments and what has been happening over at Kiravans HQ.

We briefly touched on the subject last week of being a home-school teacher, full-time parent and housekeeper, as well as trying to hold down a full-time job.  In hindsight, dropping the kids off at school and then heading off to work seems like a relaxed way of life now, compared to the situation we find ourselves in and trying to juggle everything all at once.

So, whether you’re a wife, a mum, a daughter, a sister, a husband, a dad, a brother, a friend, homeschooling your children, working from home.. occasionally, it all gets to be a bit much.

We understand that your campervan conversion might not be top of your mind at the moment, but right now our purpose at Kiravans is to simply keep the wheels turning as best we can. We have been practicing this way of thinking over the last couple of weeks and we can honestly say that it’s working really well for us. There is always someone online for support and the team has three daily coffee time catch-ups on Zoom so if anyone’s free or has any burning issues, we can jump in, say hello and catch up with our teammates.

So, if some days you feel like your head is going to explode, then hopefully our Kiravans team philosophy will help… These are Team-Kiravans 5 Principles for Working at Home:

  1. Family comes first. If you need to use the time for your kids, your parents, your community just take it. Don’t ask, just do it.
  2. Health comes first as well. If you're ill, or your family isn’t well. Take the time out, and only work if you feel it helps your mental health. There is no pressure at all to ‘turn up’.
  3. When you're taking time out from work during the day for family/kids/whatever - try to make up some of it. But don't overdo one is counting.
  4. If you are well, happy, with no family to worry about - then please don't clock watch. If the sun is shining and you want out for some exercise for goodness sake just do it. 
  5. Keep in touch with your teammates as much as you can. 

This week again, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s still pretty much business as usual for Kiravans. We have stock, we’re taking orders, and we’re shipping out every day.

However, delivery speeds are not quite as reliable as normal: so free UK delivery applies for the next few weeks. (but we’d really appreciate it if you could bump up your orders to over £40… lower than that and we tend to lose money on shipping your order - which is obviously something we’d like to avoid doing just now).

Service & Delivery Information 

Warehouse: With a couple of staff off work we can't guarantee same day despatch, so we have added a couple of days to our estimated delivery times.

UK Couriers: Some local delivery delays, but networks seem to be coping well.

EU Couriers: No deliveries in quarantine areas. Other areas 24-48 hour delays are to be expected. Only 1 delivery attempt will be made before parcels are returned to sender. Please only order if you are confident you will be home to receive the delivery (otherwise we have to pick up the cost of the returned parcel)

Customer Collection in Person: Temporarily suspended.

Product Availability: Currently good, but with some delays getting stock of lining carpets & less popular swivels.

Customer Service: Our customer service team is available from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM Monday to Thursday and 8.30AM until 1.30PM Friday so let us know if you have any questions or need any advice. Live chat is always the quickest way to get in touch.

No Quibble Returns:  Just a reminder that we have a very straightforward approach to customer returns....we don’t ever quibble!  We just want to reassure you that if you place an order with us then you can have absolute peace of mind that you can return it, no quibbles,s, whatever the reason.  Please just be aware that it may take a few extra days for us to process the return at this end.

We will continue to keep in touch and let you know what we are doing here at Kiravans and look forward to keeping in touch with you all.

Stay safe and please look after yourself and your loved ones.

On behalf of everyone in our team.

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