Kiravans Tambour Door Kit 643mm Drop - Choice of width & colour

Color: Black Gloss
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Keith Grace

The description says “Tambour door kit” but it didn’t include the spirals! We’ve had to order these separately and haven’t fitted the rest of it yet.

Thanks for the review Keith. Please note, there are two types of tambour doors available. The Tambourline Doors come with spirals. The Kiravans version does not, as it operates a different mechanism.

We designed the Kiravans version as we think the spirals take up too much space at the top of the door. Our version pushes the opening door to the back of the cabinet and down. We think this gives you more space.

Jim Stead
Just a word of advice

First class kits but be warned the slats shatter if you follow the cutting method shown ( on KVs website and Utube ) using a jigsaw. I did this using the fine blade seen in the video and as a result have had to order a further kit. This appears to be cheaper than just buying slats on their own. But once again really good stuff and first class service.

Thanks for the review Jim. Sorry you had difficulty with cutting the slats. It is a delicate operation. For best results use a good quality jigsaw, with a good quality blade. Go slowly and keep a minimal overhang from the workbench.

Great product - be aware of dimensions

Great product, not complaints whatsoever. Be aware the mentioned width is the net width of the tambour shutter. The installation width is some millimeters more as you need to account for the support rails. It did catch me out while designing the furniture.


Exactly as ordered and fitted really easily. Looks very stylish!

This is not the first Tambour door I've purchased from yourselves

I fitted one before to a Pilote galaxy when l dicided to loose the oven, then it got transferred to a big old hymer which was the same size aperture, it was so good l decided to purchase another for the same Pilote galaxy because you guessed it who needs an oven, especially when your trying to loose weight and replate under 3.5t, would l recommend it you bet cha.

Ian Postings
Black tambour door kit

Haven’t been able to fit it yet but all looks excellent quality and am sure will be fine thank you.


This kit comes complete with 1 x roller door, 6 x 600mm surface mount tracks and 4 corner curves. Simply choose your colour and width you want.

Kiravans Tambours Vs. Tambourline Tambours - Whats the difference?

  • Surface mount curve: The profile of Tambourline doors allows for a much neater 'curve' - so if you are using the doors on an exposed corner cabinet where the door rolls around to create a smooth end to your furniture then we recommend Tambourline doors. If your design has the rolling happening out of sight then you simply won't notice any difference.
  • Slat width: Kiravans doors are made of 17mm slats, Tambourline uses 20mm slats.
  • Handle: The Kiravans doors incorporate a single handle-profile slat at the end of the door. Tambourline includes a second 'final slat' to move the handle a couple of centimetres away from the end of the door. 
  • Colour: The silver colour shade and paint finish is different between Kiravans and Tambourline doors, so we would advise against using them together in the same van.

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