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Tailgate window (privacy) for VW T6

For VW T6 campervans without wiper




About our tailgate windows


These windows are manufactured by a different factory to our other privacy tinted windows (they are made by Star Glass in Spain, manufacturers of OEM glass). The glass colour is very very similar to our other windows but we just thought we should be up-front about it so you know.

Our normal window supplier seems to find it very tricky to produce these reliably as they require bending in both horizontal and vertical planes, which can result in slightly wavey glass around the edges. Star Glass seem to have figured out how to do it properly.

These tailgate windows will only fit the standard low roof VW T5 campervan and not the factory high-top version, which requires slightly taller rear windows. If you are looking for these your best bet is to visit your local VW vancentre for a pair of clear ones and then get them professionally tinted.



Key features of our aftermarket campervan windows

1. Privacy Glass

The Dark Grey tint (within the glass itself not a film) gives 20% visible light transmission for a good level of privacy and protection from sunlight 

3. Black Ceramic ‘paint’ pattern 

This is on the inside of the glass to prevent visibility of any cut metal from the outside of your van.                                                  

2. Tempered Glass 

In the event of an accident, these campervan windows will shatter into thousands of small pieces, so there's no sharp edges.

4. Safety standards 

Manufactured to CE & TUV safety standards                                                         


Custom packaging and insurance

At Kiravans, we have invested in designing our own packaging for all of our campervan windows. We've tried bubblewrap and all kinds of standard packaging but have found that our own is the most reliable, with the least risk of damage during transit! The packaging features cardboard inserts so glass is suspended away from any edges in order to protect it from crushing whilst it's out on the road. With a double wall cardboard 300 KT box, it is extra strong quality and designed for long distance transport.

PLUS... we insure all of our glass anyway, so just in case anything does happen to it, we will automatically send out a replacement.. no quibbles.. :)


 *Not compatible with T5 windows, but we do offer these as a separate product. 



Delivery & Returns

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European delivery not available.

Delivery UK

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Delivery International

International delivery not available.


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Tailgate window (privacy) for VW T6

  Tailgate window (privacy) for VW T6 For VW T6 campervans without wiper       About our tailgate windows   These windows are manufact ... Read More
£159.00 £132.50
Manufacturer: Unbranded
Compatible With: VW Transporter T6
Kit Includes: Installation guide with photos, Certificate
Compatibility: Not suitable for VW T5, Only suitable for standard height vans (not high tops)
Safety Standard: Tempered glass, 'E' stamped
Guarantee: We guarantee everything we sell for 12 months. If a fault develops within 12 months of purchase we will replace or repair it - which ever is most suitable. If a replacement is not available we will offer a refund.
Colour: Dark Grey tinted glass (20% light transmission)
Delivery Note: No

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