NDS 3Lion 3L-150-P 150Ah Lithium Battery + 150A 3Link & Display

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NDS 3Lion batteries are designed specifically for leisure vehicles. Each battery has a built in Battery Management System (BMS) and there is an optional 3Link system which can be used to connect your car and leisure battery together for charging on the move.

Lithium batteries work very well if you are fitting an inverter and 230v appliances in your campervan as, unlike lead acid batteries, there is very little risk of damaging the battery cells by deep discharging.

The NDS Lion batteries have a number of key benefits over traditional lead acid leisure batteries:


  • Fast charging at up to 75A / hour
  • Very long lifespans with over 2500 discharge cycles
  • Very low self discharge rates - they will hold their charge!
  • Light weight - generally less than half the weight of a comparable capacity lead acid battery
  • No risk of fire or explosions
  • Minimal maintenance requirement

If you are comparing the NDS battery with other Lithium units do check if the others have a built in BMS - it is essential to ensure good performance and life span of the battery.

So why use a Lithium battery at all?

  1. Voltage remains constant for much longer during discharge. With a lead acid battery you will always find that voltage drops fairly quickly as you use up the battery power. In practical terms this means that your 12v fridge will operate for much longer if powered off lithium.
  2. Fast charging - it depends on your charging system obviously but even a short drive can put hours of charge back into a Lithium battery.
  3. Fast discharge - does not damage the cells, making them ideal for use with inverters to power 230v appliances like coffee machines or toasters.
  4. 95% discharge without battery damage - most lead acid batteries will get down to about 50% before appliances stop working as expected, so a 100 Amp battery might actually only give 50Amp of power, whereas Lithium batteries can discharge much lower without any significant power drop. The built in BMS will automatically switch the battery off if it does discharge to an excess level (usually around 95%).
  5. 1000s of discharge cycles - you can be sure a Lithium battery will last much much longer that a lead acid battery which can normally only handle a few hundred discharge / charge cycles.

Are there circumstance where you do not recommend a Lithium battery?

Absolutely. They are expensive, no way around that. If it's a choice between spending on a heater or a lithium battery then we suggest you get the heater - it will extend your camping season and you will get much more out of your campervan. Also if you always plug in to the campsite power supply then don't waste your money on an expensive leisure battery. These things are fantastic if you want to be independent and to camp 'off grid' most of the time, but unnecessary if you spend you time on hook-up power supplies.

Can I just replace my old lead acid battery with a lithium one?

Yes but... your old battery was probably being charged by a traditional (slow) battery charger. So, without updating your old charge system, you really won't get the full benefit of your investment in Lithium battery. Chargers and regulators designed for lead acid batteries will never charge your new lithium one fully. We strongly recommend updating your battery charging system when installing a lithium battery.

Product Specification

Ah capacity: 150
Battery type: LiFePO4

Dimensions (L x W x H) - mm:


Nett weight - kg: 20.7
Terminal type: M8 bolts
Max charging current - Volts: 14.4
Self-discharge rate: <3% per month
Warranty period - covers defects in design and manufacture: 3 Years - see warranty information in user manual


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