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Campervan Electrical Control Panel

Really like this unit it enables you to use your own selection of chargers, spilt charge relays ,cbe switches to customise how you please. Never did see the plain English guide probably still being produces. It's fairly easy to connect with basic electrical understanding but beware some of the connections are labelled incorrectly in the instructions provided. You must be able to solder and be good with heatshrink and crimping for this option but in my opinion this is the best way to go. I opted for a plastic enclosure to tuck most the electronics out the way. Much prefer this to the dated look of zig units some of my mates have opted for and have a much more effective setup with suits my needs and is much easier to future proof.


A really great control system. Easy (even fun?) to wire up and switch on. I fitted this from scratch with no prior knowledge of 12v systems - just a lot of self educating and then careful, thoughtful, logical installation. Through ours we have a stereo, three CBC modules, eberspacer heater, VSR, 3 lighting circuits, kitchen, gas alarm, and the 230v (eu) hookup. Next comes the fridge. Really happy and my wife thinks I’m clever, which is a wonderful spin-off.


As we all move to compressor fridges and to decent leisure batteries, the old power management and control systems traditionally used in campervans are becoming more and more outdated - not least in terms of appearance.

At Kiravans we have been working with one of the Italian electrical manufacturers in the motorhome industry to bring a new, modern, clean and tidy system to the UK market. You get a small clean looking control panel with digital display - this includes a battery volt meter, split charge relay and a series of touch-control switches.

Notes on fitting:

The fuse board has recently been updated from a NE185 to an NE355. The board is essentially the same connection wise but the NE355 has 2 extra connections (J14 and J15) which when bridged together bypass the on-board split charge relay and allow the system to be used in any van, including vans with Stop/Start functionality (smart alternators). This is detailed in the fuse board user manual that is included in each kit.

If the system is used in a van with Stop/Start and the connection is bridged to bypass the split charge relay, then a DC/DC charging unit needs to be installed to charge the leisure battery while driving.


  • Two lighting circuits (eg. one for each side of the van, or high &low level lighting)
  • A kitchen circuit (cooker ignition, pump)
  • An Aux circuit (eg 12v USB plugs)
  • Battery meter is two touch - once for leisure battery, again for car battery
  • Connected to the central fuse box by a single data cable. The fuse box can be fitted under your driver seat / on the back panel of the driver seat base or indeed on your furniture.
  • The box is only 50mm deep at the rear
  • Fuse box is all set up with spade connectors at the back for your various circuits, inputs & battery connections. Each is labelled and a fuse is provided
  • A wiring diagram is included and we have written a 'plain-English' guide which you can download below.

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