Standard Jenox 100Ah Leisure Battery - Mains Hook-up + Occasional Off-grid

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Main Use

The Jenox Gold 100Ah Leisure Battery is an ergonomic, maintenance-free starter & auxilliary battery and a great option to keep your basic electrics running between campsites. It's suitable for mains hook-up & occasional off-grid camping.

This Jenox Gold battery is primarily for mains hook-up, but if you're looking to explore off-grid camping a little more, then it's one step up from the Xplorer 95Ah we sell. Whilst the capacity for overnight off-grid camping is pretty much the same on both batteries, the extended number of available charge cycles is higher on this Jenox Gold. It has 100 cycles (compared to 30 cycles on the Xplorer 95) allowing you to go off-grid more often within the life of the battery.


Jenox Gold

Leoch Xtreme Expedition Plus Xplorer liFePO4
Purpose Mains Hook-up + Occasional Off-grid Regular Off-grid Regular Off-grid Regular Off-grid
Construction Lead/Acid AGM Lead Carbon Gel Lithium
Maintenance free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capacity (Ah) 100 110 110 100 
No. of Cycles 100 600 @ 50% DoD 1500 @ 50% DoD / 750 at 80% DoD 3000 @ 50% DoD / 2000 @ 80% DoD
Terminal layout Positive on Right (Layout 0) Positive on Right (Layout 0) Positive on Left (Layout 1) Positive on Left (Layout 1)
Terminal type Standard Round (Type 1) Standard Round (Type 1) Bolt Through Terminals (Type 2) Bolt Through Terminals (Type 2)
Max Height 175mm 190mm 222mm 210mm
Max Width 175mm 175mm 172mm 168mm
Max Length 354mm 353mm 330mm 307mm
Weight 23 Kg 24 Kg 29 Kg 12.5 Kg
Storage Upright Upright/Side Upright/Side Upright
Warranty 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years 5 Years


This battery will fit underneath the driver's seat of a VW T5/T6 assuming that there is either no swivel fitted, or the swivel is fitted with risers, for instance, the RIB drivers swivels. The dimensions listed above are the maximum dimensions in every dimension, so we recommend before ordering, to make yourself a cardboard template to see how it will fit in with the rest of your wiring.

If you're fairly new to the world of leisure batteries and still deciding what kind of battery you need, then our leisure battery guide should provide a basic understanding of the different batteries available, so that you can make an informed choice for your purchase.


Due to courier restrictions on batteries, delivery is only available to mainland UK addresses. Batteries are always delivered by a specialist courier. As a result, they are shipped separately to the rest of your order and delivery will take up to 3-4 working days.


The warranty period for this battery is listed in the specification section and covers premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only. Please read the warranty section below for full details on what is covered.

Battery Warranty

Battery Maintenance


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